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First Cycle

I think this is solid and was waiting to find a reliable source but wanted to plan my cycle months in advance for peace of mind/motivation. I plan to drop another 5 % bf and be at 230 before I start the cycle. I’ve been wanting to cycle since 18 years old but have been very patient.

Weight:230@ 13 % BF measured by doctor
bloodwork result:normal with high creatinine levels- stopped supplementing creatine.
kidney scan turned out fine
Training history:training since 17
Activities: Gymnastics, Brazilian jiu jitsu,
Judo, breakdancing
Goal: 1.strength 2.agility 3. stamina
Diet: 3500 calories carb cycling
Strength: can do Iron cross on rings, planche on ground
Deadlift 500 pounds, squat 400, Bench: 405?? w/wrist wraps
I rarely bench heavy since it throws me off with my sport activities.
Health issues:Shift worker, Asperger’s syndrome

Planned cycle: Testosterone Enanthate pharma grade@10 weeks
Week 1: 500 mg test first shot, 250 mg 2nd shot
Week 2-10: 500 mg/week Monday and Thursday
From week 1: 0.25mg Arimidex EOD

Week 12-15
Nolvadex 40/40/20/20

Every weight lifter will have high creatinine in their bloodwork–that is not a reason to stop taking creatine, IMO. This is just from muscle breakdown and diet–nothing at all to be concerned about.

You look like you want to front load with your first shot. THat should be 750 mg then instead of 500 (formula is normal dose + one half life dose = 250 + 500 = 750).

Other than that looks pretty good. YOu could probably bump your calories a bit for the cycle. +500 is a good starting point.

Have fun.

I notice in your goals you dont say anything about weight gain? is that part of your goal? or would it be a concern?

Thanks for the quick and helpful replies. I am going to be in heavyweight in any competition so weight gain is no problem until it starts slowing me down. Only concerns would be tradeoff in athletic ability/mobility. I am more flexible than many of the tiny women at my yoga class and just as explosive as smaller guys so I believe I can maintain speed/mobility as long as I train constantly for it. My favourite judoka Yamashita Yasuhiro (oly gold medalist) was over 280 pounds at 5’11 so I am not concerned too much. Yeah I should probably bump the calories up since I am fairly active!