FIrst Cycle

I am new to cycling but i’ve been training for about 8 years. I am 23 years, 200 lbs and have a good diet. I wanted to try test. prop and see how i liked it.
I was thinking of test prop 100 mg eod for 3-4 weeks just to see how my body reacts.

ON another note, I am still on the fence about it because i am young. I have already taken 100 mg shot and a shot of 300 mg shot of deca last week ( was horribly misinformed about its usage and how suppressive it could be so be easy on me) and was wondering if i wanted to stop now, and wait a couple years, would i even need a pct after just one dose of each? I could have clomid ready if necessary

You probably aren’t suppressed right now. I can tell you with pretty high confidence that a single dose of 100mg prop will not shut you down, and there is research to that effect. IIRC, a dose like that lowers LH within normal range for something like 36 hours.

I can’t tell you anything about deca because I don’t know much about deca. I would still lean towards “not suppressed” but only bloodwork can tell the whole story.

How tall are you? By that I mean, how well developed are you, really? If you’re 5’6" 200 12%bf that’s totally different from 6’ 200lbs 18%bf. Training for 8 years doesn’t mean shit if that means swimming twice a week and crossfit on saturdays. Unless you’re already pretty well developed and thinking about competing, 23 is on the young side. I’m being a hypocrite, of course, because I’m on my first cycle and only 25, but I also have a powerlifting meet in two weeks.

If you decide to go forward, and you just want to try out prop, search around on here and on google for Bill Robert’s 2on/2off protocol. You can get away with two weeks of pretty heavy use and a 2-4 week PCT. Most people repeat that 3-4 times. I’ll give you a hint, though, you’ll fucking love test prop unless you get prop pain.

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Just to share a bit of my experience, I’m 25 and I’m on my first cycle.
I chose test enanthate 500mg per week (split into 2 x 250mg shots, one shot every 4 days to try and keep my levels steady).
I’m not running any other compounds right now as I want to see how my body will react since this is my first time.
I’ve just started my 8th week out of 12 and it is absolutely great, seeing visible gains and my strength has increased a LOT. I didn’t know what to expect and I was concerned about side effects like gyno but had absolutely no problems at all.
Coming from my experience I would definitely recommend this as a good foundation to see how your body reacts to the test.

I can see that you posted this thread in April 2012 so assume you started (and finished) your cycle. How did it go on test prop?

Hope this helps

I’m sure you assumed correctly lol.


I typed the whole thing out, then realised lol… too much effort to delete haha