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First Cycle

I have been on my first Test Cycle for about 7 weeks so far. So far good results and no side effects. I want to keep it simple so I was looking for a little info on PCT.

I have been on TEST Sustanon- 500mg per week (250mg twice a week)
I have gained about 10 pounds of muscle. I am training 5 days a week. I am 6’4", 225lbs. BF-13%
3000 calories per day
225 Protein
80 g of fat

I was planning of going a total of 12-14 weeks

Can someone point me in the right direction for a PCT plan for what I have been doing. I did research on the site and it looks like armidex is what most people are doing or Clomid.

Also if you see anything else that I should be doing to help with this cycle I would appreciate it.

Half way through your cycle sounds like a good time to start thinking about putting your pct together… Just grab some a that arimidex and give er a whirl! You’ll probably continue gaining right into pct!

Oh dear…

Have you been using arimidex with your Sust? Arimidex is meant for use concurrently with Test, therefore having no purpose during PCT,

You need a SERM (Nolva or Clomid) for your PCT. Acquire one of these immediately.

Look at you vial and tell me what T esters are in it. That will let us know how long after your last shot to commence SERM usage. Also read the SERM and AI stick at the top of this forum.

Good luck,

Thanks for the reply. The only thing listed on the vial is Sustanon 250- 250 mg/ml, 10ml
I have Noval on hand. I didn’t think you had to use the Arimdex unless you were having symptoms. Guess I was wrong about that?

Propionate, Phenylpropionate, Isocarpoate, Decanoate