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First Cycle

Guys, Need some advice. I have finaplix but was recommended to not use on my first cycle. The recommendation is 1000mg/wk of test for 6-12 weeks. I am looking to gain some LBM while dropping a little fat. I am currently 5’10" and 190 lbs with 13% BF. I want to get to 200 and less than 10%BF. I am a competitive PL that needs to take something that will give more strength. I am not so concerned with size as I need to stay around the 198lb range. yes, I have read all the info on the site, but needs some recommendations from you guys. Also wonder if 100mcg’s / day of T3 would along with 5 tabs/day of Clen would help with the fat loss? Thanks for any help.

if you say youve done your searches you’d know the answer to that 100mcg/day question for thyroid.