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First Cycle


Age: 22
Weight: 205
Height: 5'11
training experience: 2 and a half years
body fat: ~15%
i have a naturally large build (I'm Lebanese with dense bones)

first cycle:

  • 1 bottle sustanon250
  • 1 bottle sustaplex325
  • 100 50mg winny tabs

i plan on starting with 50mg of winny a day, and shooting .6cc of sust250 e3d.
after my first bottle of sust250 finishes i will start shooting sust325 .5cc e3d.
i might run some tren ace towards the end of my cycle still debating seeing that its my first cycle.

i have HCG, nolva and clomid for my pct


a lot of views but no replies...


Maybe because you didn't ask any questions


should i make any changes or do u think its good to run the way it is?


Firstly I'm tired so double check everything I say, wouldn't generally post in this state but I know the feeling of not having people looking at your thread so thought I'd offer a bit of feedback.

Want to be more specific about your PCT plan? Dosages?
HCG is to be taken during cycle, not during PCT.

Why take 3 - 4 different things during your first cycle? Why not just run straight sustanon 250?
Sustanon 250 is generally injected EOD.

Have you considered Arimidex during your cycle?


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i was gunna run the hcg the last 2 weeks of my cycle and 2 weeks after my cycle.(this could be wrong but i was told to run it like that)
i have armidex as well but im only going to use it if i feel the bloat badly.
and the reason why im running sust winny and possibly tren is because i have all of it so i figured i might as well use it. and i figured i would still be taking advantage of the prop by shooting E3D. and if i run the tren ill be running that eod. and i guess ill up the dosage maybe shoot .5cc eod instead.


Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Do you have caber on hand (or another dopamine agonist) for prolactin control? Running HCG 2 weeks after your cycle will slow recovery. If you want to use HCG, use it on cycle. I don't mean to come across as condecending, but take this shit seriously. :slightly_smiling: