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First Cycle


Hey T-Nation I am an average guy who has been working out regularly for about 6 years. I am 190 lbs and most of it is my upper body. I been lifting heavy focusing on my legs for about a year now with little to no gains in size just strength. I am wondering if steroids are the answer for me to get that extra push in to make my legs grow.

I have been eating 3500-5000 calories a day. I have read a lot of articles on steroids and cycling but I am not sure if I want to start using them or not. What do you think ? I was thinking if I did start taking them I would run 100 mg of anadrol a day for 4 weeks and a test to help me keep my gains but am unsure of which on to take. maybee deca for six weeks and start it 2 weeks into my anadrol cycle.

the only thing is I am unsure of what to do because alot of the articles have a lot of good info but alot of times people contradict one another thus preventing me to fully understand how to properly cycle.


Take another 6 months to a year and focus on building your legs and overall size naturally. Steroids won't fix a problem with training or nutrition. And while your are doing this, spend an hour a day reading about steroids.(A great place to start is some of the stickies directly above where your thread is placed.) Learn about things like hpta function, esters, half-lifes, shutdown, gynecomastia, deca-dick, homeostasis, hormonal balance and the endocrine system. Then come back super-prepared with a simple Test Enanthate or Test Cypionate cycle for 12 weeks( Which is what 90% of the veterans around most of these forums will reccomend.)