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First Cycle

Before I start I’d like to thank T-Nation and specifically this forum for the time and energy you guys put in. Thank you.
I have read the stickies as well as some other posts that seemed relevant to my situation. Having done that I still feel that my particular situation warrants an independent post. If I missed something I’m sorry, definitely wasn’t trying to waste anyones time.

About me: I am 28 years old. I am 6’1’’ and weight 173 lbs. I’ve been training consistently for about 8 years. I was an endurance athlete in high school and my training was basically tailored towards that, with some functional compound movements thrown in (deads, front squats etc) about 4 years ago I found crossfit and that had an enormous impact on my training and goals. Basically I realized I’m weak as all hell and need to concentrate on strength since it was obvious that this was the foundation for everything else. Currently I run 5/3/1 with some metcons interspersed.

This is what I’m currently running on my squat and bench days (leaving out the pull and press days to save time) -

Thur Squat 5/3/1 3 min btw sets
4x10/12 Back Squat - (60% 1 rep max)
4x10 Front Squat

Fri Bench 5/3/1 bench - chins btw sets
3x10 flat bench (50% 1 rep max) - chins btw sets
4x15 incline bench - pullups btw sets
4x20 incline dumbbell bench - croc row btw sets (20 reps)
4x20 Butterfly - forearm work btw sets

My stats as of the last time I did a 1 rep max assessment -

Squat - 275
Dead - 345
Bench - 255
Press - 155

Prior to finding this forum I bought some gear, having read some of the things you guys posted I would do things differently. But I already have it and need some advice as to how to run it.

I have 500 mg win, 1000 mg test propionat, 100 tabs turnabol.

This is how I was thinking of running it -

  Win          Test      Turnabol

W1 100mg 200mg 3 tabs
W2 100mg 200mg 3 tabs
W3 100mg 200mg 3 tabs
W4 100mg 200mg 3 tabs
W5 100mg 200mg 3 tabs

I also have clomid 57 tabs, nolvadex 54 tabs. I would probably wait a few days after I finish the cycle and start taking 5 of each and then slowly taper.

My goals are to increase strength and gain about 5 pounds of muscle. How realistic is this considering what I have? Should I up the test or win? Should I be taking Nolva during and after the cycle of just after? How should I break up the injections (E3D)?

Thanks in advance for any advice you care to offer up.

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3 tabs per week - as in W1 for week 1.

Thanks for the input regarding diet dude.

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[quote]RUN wrote:
3 tabs per week - as in W1 for week 1.

Thanks for the input regarding diet dude.

  • RUN[/quote]

He meant doseage, as in how many mg per tab. Each tab could be 50mg meaning you would be taking 150mg or could be 10mg per tab so taking 30mg.

Sorry about that. 10 mg tabs. So that would be 30 mg per week.

Do you guys suggest that I get more test? and If I were to do that would I need to up the secondaries?

you dont need steroids for your goals

So you say you’ve read the stickies and come up with this?

  • 200mg Test is a TRT dosage
  • 3 tabs of 10mg Turinabol a week?!?

Dosages are far too low for any results.

As BBB stated: eat more. I’ve found this article to be very good (use it myself at the moment):


Read it, follow it, grow. Think about AAS when you weigh around 220+ for your height.