First Cycle

I have been researching for my first cycle for the last month so that I can get the best results possible. I read your 3000mg’s of test. the first week and 1000mg’s a week for 9 more weeks. Would this be a good first cycle. The reason I feel this would be a good cycle is because Dan Duchaine states that you need to take at least 800mg’s a week your first cycle beause it is your best cycle and you’ll get better gains.

All I know is that you need to plan according to what you want to gain. If you’ll be content gaining 3-5 lbs. of lasting mass, then do one of the Bill Roberts short and low-dose cycles. If you want to put on 30 lbs. and keep possibly 20 of it, then hit it hard, do a lot of gear on your first cycle, and make sure to get every detail in check. Don’t think that a ton of gear makes up for a lack of eating, poor training habits, or anything else like that. If you’re going to use gear, use it wisely. I wish I had on my first cycles. It was a blast going from 214 lbs. to 238 in 6 weeks, but then I made the mistake of dieting too hard because I put on a few too many lbs. of fat and I lost almost everything I’d worked for. Keep researching, have every last detail worked out, and you’ll be set. I don’t know if you’ll need 3g of test followed with 1g each week for your first cycle - I did 500mg sust with 400mg deca, and I made some great gains. Just don’t think you’re going to see some huge results from a low-dose 200mg/week cycle, as it just isn’t going to happen. Keep up with the research, though, as too many people just aim wildly for their first time and hope for the best!