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First Cycle


I know the forum is choked thick with these posts, but I just want to run it by some of the experienced guys. Any critiques or additions are much appreciated. Ellipses (...) represent drugs that I'm already on as part of TRT, and so do not have an "end" date.

WK 1-10 Sustanon 500mg/wk (EOD schedule)
WK 1-... Test Cypionate 200mg/wk (twice weekly)
WK 1-4 Dianabol 40mg ED (20mg morning, 20mg post-workout)
WK 1-... HCG 250iu EOD
WK 1-... Anastrozole 1mg/wk (.25mg EOD)

No PCT since I go right back to the TRT protocol, which includes the HCG and Arimidex.

I know sustanon is not the preferred Test, but it was what I could get.

I have plenty of anastrozole to play with the dosage, but I will wait until the first sign of sides to do that. In the past when I upped it as an experiment I got bad elbow pain, lethargy and irritability which I attributed to dropping E2 too low.

Training 3 days on, 1 day off. Program is based on heavy, compound lifts at 5-rep sets, but including some isolation.

Diet is 5,000-6,000 kcal/day. 6 eggs and 1 gallon of milk every day, plus 3 more meals. Right now balance is approximately fat/protein/carbs: 60/20/20. At least 250G protein every day. I think I should probably shift from fat to carbs, it might give me more energy in the gym.

Goals are to gain 20lbs on this cycle and up my lifts 20%. I don't know how I'll respond to big-boy doses of AAS yet, so we'll see.

Currently 6'1, 194lbs, 26 years old. I've been training off and on since I was 18, but very seriously for the past year.

Best lifts (5-rep sets, I don't do 1RM's)

Deadlift: 300lbs
Squat: 275lbs
Bench: 205lbs

Thanks guys


You're prescribed that much HCG? I take 500iu/wk. You might find that you need a little more arimidex while "on".

Also, why don't you take your second dbol dose before workout? I love doing that,....well....always.


Thanks for the reply!

I get a 5,000iu vial each month, which lasts roughly a month. I'm following KSman's recommendations which are to take it EOD, but 500/wk might work just as well. Either way I'd have to toss the vial at the end of the month.

I'll try taking DBol pre-workout as you suggest, thanks for the tip. I only started this cycle on Monday so I can't say I've "felt" or noticed anything yet. What should I expect other than pumps? Is it normal to have a delayed response? These are the Thai blue hearts if that makes a difference.

I am up 7lbs since last week BUT I also just started eating big again, and taking creatine again so I doubt much or any of that is meat...I've put on that much water in a few days just from creatine, in the past.


No reason to run cyp and sust at the same time. 750mg/wk is complete overkill for afirst cycle


Thanks for the input Bonez, I will take it to heart. My thought was if I suspended the TRT Cyp I would have a couple grams of extra T after the cycle, and not much I could do with that (other than maybe taper back to my TRT dose over a few weeks--but I don't know if there's any sense in doing that since my regular dose will keep me at a healthy level.)

Also, even though this is pharma gear and I believe I trust the source, who's to say it's not counterfeit? I can't know for sure. I would hate to stop taking my 100% guaranteed TRT test and find out that my Sust is bunk, and crash my hormones since I'm already dependent from TRT...just my own overthinking I know.

I'm not even a full week into my cycle so I can't say I've felt anything yet, 750mg may well give me some nasty sides a couple weeks in--who knows?


Actually, this is how I felt as well and despite trusting my prior sources, there is always the chance that gear is bunk. So I always use my us pharma test, but have found out that I am "allowed" to have as much as i want of it.

But i'd listen to bonez, maybe just use 300mg of sust per week on top of your 200 cyp. I know its more of a pain in the ass to mix vials like that, but worth it if you have any concern over the legitimacy of your sust.