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First Cycle


Hi everyone

Its my first time posting here, after lurking for a little while, ive been considering a cycle now since mid last year, and have been reading up on absolutely everything on every forum imagineable. I stumbled across this site about 2 weeks ago, and its been the most informative by far. I got more useful information from this thread

http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_gear/steroid_planning then all other forums combined. I felt more comfortable and confident after reading that post.

Anyway, im 25 years old, 6 foot, and 235lbs (do not look it at all) at about 19% bodyfat. Im currently on creatine, so am holding some water weight too. Im type 1 Diabetic and have been training since I was 14 casually, then started training more serious when I hit 21.

From reading all over the internet and asking users advice, ive now realised that a good first cycle would just be one compound. So Test Enanthate or Test Prop would be good for this from what Ive gathered. My target weight is between 220-227lbs at a bodyfat of 12-14%. Ive been advised to go on a cut, until I lower my bodyfat before starting a cycle, which I have already started doing.

As for cycle length, I would want to keep it at a medium length, as stated in FuriousGeorges post, I dont want people to start asking questions. If I were to do say a 5 or 6week cycle, what would be more beneficial? Test E or Test Prop? take into consideration I am type 1 Diabetic, I am injecting quick acting insulin upto 6 times a day, which will further gains no doubt. Also, it says that no HGC is needed for cycles 1-6 weeks, but should I have some on hand just incase?

Another question...are there any type 1 diabetics on here who have juiced? did it have any impact on blood glucose levels?

Sorry for the long post, il be adding to it later.


I imagine injecting testosterone will lower your insulin requirements, as testosterone has been known to increase insulin sensitivity through pathways not yet established.
I am not a type 1 diabetic and can not give you any more insight than that.


I hope this is the case, would rather that then elevated BG levels.


any other input?