First Cycle

500mg of Sustanon 250 Monday and Thursday 12 week cycle
400mg Deca 100mg Mixed in with Sustanon Monday and Thursday and another 200mg another day.

Eating 5000 + Calories a day
over 200 grams of protein
Eating every 2-3 hours

1 Body part a day

Monday - Legs
Tuesday - Chest
Wednesday - OFF
Thursday - Back
Friday - Arms
Saturday - OFF
Sunday - Shoulders

Been training solid for 3 years.

Heaviest Weight 1st year after a years training 231LLBS but not very defined (excess fat)
Heaviest weight 2nd year after stripping 209LLBS

Currently :
6.0 Ft
11% bodyfat

Arms 16 Inch
Chest 44 Inch
Waist 33 Inch

Legs 24 Inch (Need Heavy Work)

Looking to put on 15+LLBS and get down to 9-10% bodyfat with loads of dedication both in the gym, kitchen and rest.

Any Tips appreciated…

Age? PCT? AI?

Sust should be injected EOD.

21 years

PCT - Tamoxifen (Nolva) 40mg first 7 days and 20mg after

Im only doing 500mg of sust

You should easily gain more muscle without steroids but if you want to go that route…

So pct 40/20/20/20?

You should still have an AI if you are doing “only” 500mg of sust…

Oh, and I recommend you leave the deca out of your cycle if you really wanna use AAS.

500mg of test / week is a really good beginners cycle.

Yeah PCT is 40/20/20/20

i was going to inject 250 on monday and 250 on thursday

What do you suggest 100mg EOD??

Im not sure but if I remember correctly, 0,7ml EOD is something like 525mg / week on average…

Yeah i was thinking of leaving the Deca until the 2nd cycle. Cheers has taken a couple of years research to decide and come up with a good first cycle and diet plan and training

Might try that then if you think its a good idea. Was also going to to 1000mg first week as a kick start


I wouldn’t bother with the front-load. I used Sus’ for my first cycle, and I felt ‘on’ the day after my first injection… probably due to some of the shorter esthers.

Also, a word of caution on cycle length. I got burnt out by week 8… hard training, hard eating… it just wore me down mentally. This doesn’t happen to everyone, but if I had my first cycle to do over again, I would have stopped at 8 weeks. As it was, I went to 12, and I was so fried by the end that I didn’t eat right afterwards and lost a lot of the weight.

just my .02

Cheers swoleupinya

Will remember that by week 8 and see how i feel. How were the gains?? by week 4-5?

more protien!


Morning Oats, 4 eggs and toast, Fruit

Meal 2 Yoghurt, Nuts, Fruit

Meal 3 Tuna Mixed bean salad

Meal 4 Pre workout (No Explode, BCAA’s, Syntha 6)

Meal 5 Post Workout (Cell Mass, Syntha 6, BCAA’s + Peanut butter bagel)

Meal 6 Chicken and rice with vegetables

Meal 7 Full tub of cottage cheese and fruit + nut

Meal 8 BSN Lean Dessert + ZMA

Your breakfast could be better and your meal 2 could maybe have more protein in it. Dont know the amounts though.

Yeah might throw in a shake in the morning with about 25g protein. Meal 2 possibly yeah. Starting the sustanon next week so any info now is good cheers guys

Not sure where the 5000kcals are coming from on that menu…

He’s eating an entire 30lb tuna fish caught from the ocean

Take off the peanut butter post workout imo you need things that digest really fast so you can take advantage of the window.

2 Weeks Left of my cycle and up 23LLBS from starting. Kept my calories to 4500 - 5000

Breakfast: BIG bowl of oats, 2 slices of brown bread and 3 eggs, CNP Pro Mass, I-Argnine and Flameout

AM Snack: Apple, Bananna, 50G Roasted Peanuts, Green tea

AM Snack: CNP Pro Mass, Fruit

Lunch: Rice, Chicken or Tuna, Plenty of Veg

Pre Workout: BCAA’s, Jack3d

Post Workout: Syntha 6 with added Meltodextrin, L-Glutamine

Post Workout Meal: Jacket Potato, Tuna, Baked Beans, Tomato