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First Cycle



age 21
height 5'10
weight 220
Bf ~ 14%

DL 500
Front Squat 350
Bench Press 345

5 years training


8 weeks
70mg Test P Ed

2 days after last injection

clomid 100/50/50
nolva 40/40/20

Input wanted


If you think youre ready it looks fine.

Get an AI just in case. Gyno surgery costs more than 8mg of arimidex.


Question for Bonez, what would be the difference between 70mg Test ED and 210mg E3D? Is this due to the low active life of Test P?


Prop ester is injected more frequently to keep blood levels stable.

Also there is the difference in teh weight of the ester between prop and enanthate for example.

Prop weighs less so there is more testosterone per mg of testosterone ester. But if youre just talking about the difference between test p ED and test p E3d, it's just the blood level stability thing


Bonez do you have a biochemistry background or is all your knowledge based on research and experience?


BA American History. Pursuing JD


Good luck on the JD. From what I can tell, you'll do just fine.


Thanks man


Whats JD?


Juris Doctor. Lawyer


Nice. You're gonna be one stacked lawyer.


Why is this happening in my thread?

Anyways thanks for the advice Bonez, I failed to mention that I will have adex on hand

I accidentally got 1 gram too much test Prop, so i decided to bump the dosage to 625 a week or roughly 89mg Ed

do you think that would be too much for a first cycle? Also would .25mg Adex Ed be sufficient to control estrogen related side effects at that dosage of test?


shameless self-bump


Test it and find out. No fortune tellers here.