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First Cycle**

Hi, i’m new to this site and have been researching on my first cycle of anavar only. I also plan to wait another half year before I do it. I’m pretty new to this stuff.

I’m 20 years old, 166lbs, 5’9. Been training over 2 years now, I like the weight I’m at but could use some strength and maybe a few pounds of solid muscle.

From what I’ve read people usually do an 8 week cycle of 30-40mg a day? I was wondering if you start at 20mg for a week and slowly bump it up every week or so, is that right?

And as for a post cycle I’ve heard clomid only would work, but I’m kind of scared about post cycle and my test not getting back up there, and how much of this stuff to take with anavar.

Thanks, any help would be appreciated.

  1. You don’t need to run a cycle. You’re 20, 5’9 and 166lbs.

  2. You’re not experienced enough to run a cycle. Two years (in most cases) just doesn’t cut it.

  3. There’s no telling if you’ll actually listen to what I’m saying about how this is a bad idea. So with that in mind, oral-only cycles are generally looked down upon. Anavar is much more mild than other orals, but nonetheless a good first cycle is usually based around 500mg/week of test. Injectables win any day.

  4. I wouldn’t think that var would be particularly suppressing, but nolva seems to be preferred over clomid by most people.

I’ll reiterate that this is probably not a wise decision, but You’re gonna do what you want no matter what, so do some more research, a LOT more, and good luck with it…

Thanks for the advice, and yeah you’re right but it’s better to research now.

But when I do decide to maybe in a year or so how would i do the dosing properly? cause some people are like 40 40 20 20 and others are starting lower and going up. Which way is better?

And would you reccomend the cycle 8 weeks with including a PCT? or longer cycle?

I’m assuming you have plenty of money lying around. Var is one of the most expensive varieties of AAS. I’m going to semi-quote BBB here:

80-120mg/day would achieve a very anabolic effect, but would also lead to suppression. Obviously you would need to run it for at least three weeks. For minor physique improvements and an aid in recovery, 10-40mg/day would be sufficient.

It really depends on how sensitive you are to the drug. I wouldn’t recommend running an oral for more than six weeks, but others might say eight. For pct, clomid or nolva should be fine.

Bottom line is that I don’t see anything good about your cycle idea. You aren’t anywhere near your genetic potential, and you won’t be in six months. Anavar is so damn expensive I don’t see how you could even afford to run 40mg (or more) per day for six to eight weeks.

It would be much more cost effective to just run test and masteron or winstrol. You’d still get your desired results, probably even more. Lastly, Anavar is 17-alkylated.

You’re going to be putting your liver under a lot of stress to get results that would come so much easier and safer from an injectable. And for the future, a search titled “Anavar” would have saved a lot of time.

Yeah I’m aware of how expensive it is, money isn’t the issue.

I just read it doesn’t shut you down as bad. Am I right? I don’t know I just want to be safe with it.

And for post cycling I’m kind of scared of these drugs like nolva, because my mom used to take a form of tamoxofin when she had breast cancer surgery and she said it made her really sick.

I don’t know if that’s because she was on it for a long period of time at a higher dosage. But I have no idea on the dosing for nolva or clomid I’ve been searching google and everyone is different.

And if I went six weeks on var how long would i need the pct.

While I can’t answer about your mother’s complications with it, I can say that nolvadex is a highly regarded PCT staple. Keep in mind that with everyone being different, you might have to adjust dosages of everything as needed.

My first thought would be three weeks of the nolva (40/20/20). Someone with experience may come correct me on this, but I really don’t see how that wouldn’t be plenty. It may indeed be more than enough.

Obviously the more anavar you’re using, the more pct you’ll need. You would just have to see how the var affects you and adjust as needed. Don’t forget to supplement milk thistle while on cycle.

Your liver will thank you. I really hope you reconsider this, but if not you should have a good basic idea of how to run it safely to get the gains you want.

Thanks alot for your help!

Yeahh so if I did a 6 week anavar cycle the day I stop I start taking nolva right away? Is that how it works? And do 40 first week then 20 for the last 2? So 9 weeks in total for the whole cycle?

And yeah I do plan on putting on a bit more muscle and weight before I even attempt it.

But yeah thanks a ton for the help man =)

I’m not actually sure of var’s half-life, but I don’t see how starting nolva a day or two after the cycle could hurt. Orals obviously clear your system faster than most injectables. And yes, 40/20/20.

I would buy slightly more nolva than I needed for PCT. If by some astronomical chance anavar starts giving you sides, you’ll want to start taking the nolva to remedy them. 20-40mg/day until the sides stop.

I really don’t see var giving you too many problems though unless you’re taking a massive dose.

alright thankks alot

So with the var would i start at 20 then depending on how my body reacts eventually get it up to 40? By what week should i get the max dose usually? I know its up to how I feel but what would be an idea?

The best advice I can give would be run 20mg/day for a week and see how you like it. If you want more go to 40mg/day. Because you’re talking about a long cycle (for an oral), I wouldn’t recommend going over that. It seems like that’s just asking for your liver to start having trouble. Don’t forget milk thistle!

Okay thanks.

I got a few more questions lol

So for the dosing if they’re 10mg tabs would it be best to take one in the morning and then one closer to when I’m about to workout? I dont get what the best times are, everyone seems to do it differently.

Can’t personally help you there. I want to say that Bill Roberts once stated that if a high blood concentration couldn’t be achieved throughout the day, that it would be better to have it for a shorter period than to have a low blood-concentration all day long. Don’t quote me on that though.

haha okayy
so would splitting them evenly throughout the day be the best bet…

I would take 20mg at once for that first week. Then if I decided to move to 40mg I would split it to 20mg twice a day.

alrightt this is kind of a dumb question but would i try to one of the doses close to when im gonna work out? like an hour before?

I don’t feel that it would make that much of a difference. If I’m correct, var has about a nine hour half-life. You should be alright.


Whens the best time to take the milk thistle?

Lol in all seriousness, it isn’t so much the time as the amount. Every day you need to be taking care of your liver. Do a search for milk thistle and you should find plenty of info.

aiight thanks for the help again!

Btw i got a little bit of puberty Gyno, but its really mild, like you cant notice it at all unless u touch it, ive had it for a while but its definetely going away. Will this cycle make it worse?