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First Cycle?

Will 25mg of Dbol a week get me nice and swole guys? I know I need to bulk but…you be the judge. Current picture shown…

You’ve spent 3 years and 4 purchasing levels worth of trolling?

There’s this new stuff on the market called Air. I’ve heard it works like 3x better than GH and doesn’t effect your natural test levels. But the dudes I hear doing this shit are swole fo realz.

But yea its just like steroids, but it’s called ‘Air’. You usually cycle it for 4 weeks on 4 weeks off. About 8cc’s e/d.

I actually have some on my hands, left over from a cycle I just did of it, pm me and I’ll let you know what I want for it.


It’s so sad when the even the trolls stop really trying…

You should know better than to use the word “swole”. DEAD giveaway!

he is in good shape though damn :wink: