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First Cycle - Would like critics!


So I've decided to do my first cycle on Test and Dbol

It'll go like this:
Weeks 1-15: Test Cyp 500 mg/ week
Week 1-6 Dbol: 25 mg/day
Weeks 16-17: Nothing
Weeks 18: 40/20/20 Nolva
Arimidex .5mg E2D** (half life in 48-50 hours)

***Will have an AI on hand soon, waiting for my shipment of Arimidex to come in. I don't believe I'll get sides for at least two weeks since Test Cyp is a slow acting ester. If I do, my contingency is SERM Therapy by Nolva until I get an AI.

Diet: Not really consistent on what I eat. My shakes are pretty consistent. I'm in the Army, so I get what I eat in the mess hall. PT really takes a toll on my total caloric intake so I try to take in around 2800 - 3300 calories/day. Around 1500 - 1600 cal of that is from dietary intake depending on the day. A lot of my caloric intake is from ON Serious Mass Shakes: but I always try to eat something with my Whey Shakes so it is absorbed better in my lower GI tract. I try to take in one serving of Serious Mass per day and 2-4 ON Whey shakes per day depending on my protein intake that day.

Macros: (Avg. per day)

Carbs: 360-400g
Protein: 180-220g
Fat: 80-120g
(I use MyFitnessPal app to help track)

I'm not too worried about my dirty diet right now, considering I can take out the Serious Mass shakes and be at a lower caloric intake.

If there is anything to improve on my cycle itself, it'd be much appreciate. I really want kids one day and don't want my family jewels to be permanently effed up, but I do want to run a 15 week cycle because Test Cyp takes 6-8 weeks to work from what I hear.


15 weeks is too long. Cut it back to 12.


Do longer pct…


Maybe use prop instead of cyp, and do 8 weeks cycle… But then youl have to inject more frequently


Is 15 weeks too long for Cyp? and will it damage my nuts?


What should the PCT look like? 40/40/20/20


[quote]bestlifter wrote:
Maybe use prop instead of cyp, and do 8 weeks cycle… But then youl have to inject more frequently[/quote]

Why would he do this?


Also, OP, start the Arimidex from the first week. Dbol aromatizes. This is something you should have known already…

Other than that, I think your cycle’s fine. Yogi’s probably right that you should shorten the cycle to 12 weeks. You’re not gonna get much out of those last 3 weeks anyway, and that’s just more time to be suppressed.

Whoever told you it takes 6-8 weeks for the test cyp to start working for you is an idiot.


Test aromatizes when it’s injected it doesn’t wait 6-8 weeks then start.

Your diet is bullshit.