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First Cycle, Worried about Water Retention & Gyno

Hey guys,
I’ll go ahead and start with my stats.
I’m 6’2, 225lbs, and about 16-17%bmi.
I’ve been training for over 10yrs, and I’d say hard training for 5yrs. I lift 5 days a week, And happen to be really self conscious, so I’m always wanting to look better, and be bigger. Regardless, I’ve decided it’s time to do my first cycle. And I’ve chosen Tese E to be the one. I know the standard 500mg a week, split 250mg twice a week.

But the only thing I’m nervous about is water retention, and gyno. I tend to keep a pretty clean diet, and I know I should eat big to get big. But I guess I’m just looking for tips on maybe what I should do to keep gyno at bay, and any past experiences from a Test E cycle only, what I should expect. Thanks guys. I know I didn’t give you a lot to work off of.

You won’t get gyno if you run your AI properly. Simple as that. The water retention will also be controlled to an extent by an AI. Now if you’re worried about adding body fat as you get bigger then I’d say cut down a little bit before you start your cycle. But realistically you’re going to add some fat as you bulk up. It’s kind of unavoidable. But if your diet is clean (as you say it is) then you’ll be really impressed with your cycle. What’s your PCT look like?

I have Novaldex and clomid, and was going to run
Novaldex: 40/40/20/20 (2 weeks at 40mg ED, then to 2 weeks at 20mg ED)
And clomid 50/50/25/25 (the same schedule as Novaldex)
I read a lot of conflicting information when it comes to clomid, sometimes
I read the first 2 weeks should be 100mg ED, and others I read 25mg of
clomid ED for the first 2 weeks.
I’m also wanting to know if I should run Arimidex during the cycle? I hear
conflicting information with that as well, regarding the AI keeping away a
lot of size and strength gains.

So I’ve seen some arguments in favor of not running an AI unless you absolutely need it. I’m much less convinced of that in the macro sense. But when endos are putting trt patients on an AI right from the start I would be inclined to err on the side of trusting medical protocol rather than broscience (and broscience is sometimes right, sometimes very wrong, depending). Here’s the best answer though: run your test, run a standard dose of your AI, and get blood work done mid-cycle. That’s the best way to assess your AI needs.

Well, maybe I’ll go ahead and get an AI just in case. I just don’t want to
come out worse then I came in. It’ll be an experience regardless and I’m
definitely excited. I was considering running a test E/Deca cycle. But,
this one being my first time. I just want to make sure keep it down to one
compound, and to have a proper PCT. what’s your experience with using hcg
along with other pcts?

So I’m on TRT, so I don’t need to worry about pct. As such I don’t give any advice other than “read the stickies on here”.

As far as HCG goes I don’t know why guys are using it after a cycle but not during one. While using exogenous testosterone the HCG will keep your testes working properly. Once into your pct your SERM of choice should be getting you back to homeostasis. That’s the whole point of it, right? So let it do its work and don’t introduce any additional externalities into the formula. That’s just my opinion based on my understanding of the science. But like I said, the stickies are very informative.

Okay, being new to the site, I was unaware of the stickies. So I apologize
for any info you helped me with that I could have just found within them.
I’ll try to look for them and so some reading. Thanks again!

No worries my man. Read and read and read. If you have any questions just ask.