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First Cycle, Won't See Benefits Until Week 4?

I’m sorry if you didn’t gain on 500mg or 750mg adding another compound is absolutely not the answer. Most of the time it’s training and nutrition and most times guys are way too fat when they start so they get a lot of the negative feedbacks like elevated estrogen. Most people don’t train hard anymore either. This stuff isn’t rocket science, Protein at 1g per lb of bodyweight and use carbs and fat to fill in the rest. Most people would do service to lean out and prime themselves for growth. Most times people are insulin resistant.

id really suggest to not blast on test then… just do something completely different.

but this does work, yes?
so why wouldnt it also fix deca dick?

Levitra gave me a red face and a headache along with an agressive erection… Viagra is something in the middle. Cialis at low dose seems to provide always 100% erection when needed…

i believe that he already cross-checked all these, since this is a long term problem… i dont think he just missed the protein and got depressed because of a lousy mistake… if his TRT is more than most peoples cruise, i believe that its just the thing that test doesnt do much for him… id try gh+slin or actually go dark side in trens and decas.

I made a whole thread on this. If guy 1 takes 125 mg per week and gets to x level, and guy 2 takes 250 and gets to the same x level, the results for guy 2 on 500 mg will be less all else being equal, but also the risk for guy 2 is less. Guy 2 need to take more to have the same results and same risk as guy 1.

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Yea, thats probably why i am not dead yet, and i also dont have much to show for the amounts i have taken… Maybe what is a lot for most people is just a started for me… Who knows.

I know that’s usually the case, and it’s usually what I think when others complain about gains on cycle, but apparently I’m special lol.

I promise it’s not effort. It’s not diet, I tried it myself and I also followed a coaches plan to the fucking T (miserable). I meal prepped 18 meals at a time and went through multiple sets of batteries on my scale. Spent roughly $150 to feed me for 5 days, it was quality food.
I’d have to go look at my notes to be 100% certain of weight, but I had a dexa scan prior to starting and was 14% at ~212. Spent the first couple weeks leaning up with my coach before we pushed the calories so I was even leaner then. So, wasn’t lean, but not stupid fat

Coach and I both thought about insulin sensitivity towards the end but my TRT doc said wait for those tests till it’s time for his labs and I had just done my own blood work for the blast so didn’t want to come out of pocket again.

I also don’t really aromatize. Never needed an AI. I’ve crashed my estrogen twice just to see what it feels like though :joy:

I’m open to ideas, just don’t want to 1. Die , 2. Hurt my Dick. In that order lol

It makes it functional. Still no where near “normal”. It’s something I’ve never really had a girl notice but it’s something I most definitely notice if that makes sense. I think it’s more libido/brain related. I still have a ton of sex but the desire almost feels like a habit than true desire at this point. Super hard to explain.

As to it fixing dexa/tren Dick… there’s seems to be many ideas about what causes it and what fixes it. Idk if I’ll ever be ready to deal with the potential sides as well as lol the potential fixes.

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Hi guys just 1 quick question why does insulin sensitivity affect your testosterone?

I don’t think it effects test levels I think it effects the ability to build muscle.

Are all those energy drinks messing up your insulin?

Can they? I don’t drink anything with sugar in it. Not even non energy drink beverages.

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What is your fasting blood sugar?

I don’t have any recent tests (within the last year) but the ones I have had have been fine. That was also with a fairly normal “American” diet and now I make many many better choices. I will be doing a full blood panel with anything and everything I can get my hands on for blood sugar as well as thyroid (again), just to see. Something is wrong somewhere, and I’d like to Atleast try and find out what.

In my experience, no. You should feel in immediate increase in strength within a few days of your first shot.

Everyone’s a little different, but When I started Test, here are the changes in noticed, in the order I noticed them:

  1. Sudden increase in strength, followed by slow, steady increases thereafter.

  2. Feeling of greater well-being

  3. Much greater confidence, assertiveness.

  4. Libido

  5. Muscular hypertrophy.

Did you comparte blood work on testosterone while on TRT and while on a blast? did the test go up and just does not work, or it doesnt even go up?

I would just try to do something that is not test-like… So decas and trens would be a good idea. If not those, then - at least stanazolol. Definetly think slin and GH would be the best way to go as those are not even hormones. Thats as far from test as it can be.

OR you can actually take a step down and experiment with some sarms. Many people get great results from those.

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Na or definitely went up. My total was ~4,000

Thanks the replies everyone!

Professor Hulk - This is what I expected before I done some searching online, fingers crossed this is what I experience compared with some of the guys in this thread!

Is the surplus of calories, diet dialled in, training etc just as important as week 1 compared to week 4 onwards?

The surplus of quality calories is always, always, always important if you are trying to build muscle. Whether Week 1, week 6, or off cycle.

Training is the least important factor on the spectrum of factors affecting results. We find a program written by a knowledgeable coach, suited to our goals, follow it, and consider that block checked. The other variables are far, far more important.

  1. Genetics
  2. Sleep
  3. Diet
  4. Drugs
  5. Training program

In that order. Not my advice, Stan Efferding’s

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Ah man… All of this is super important some 2-3 years before you even think of steroids, otherwise you dont progress to reach that point where you take steroids. Judging by this question i believe you want to take steroids but you cant upload a single selfie that would give anyone a slightest clue that you lift :frowning:

Lol u guys shooting 750mg test and not gaining any muscle. Fuck are u doing anyway? lmfao

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