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First Cycle, Won't See Benefits Until Week 4?

Hey guys

I’ve just started my first cycle, 500mg Test E for 14 weeks. I’ve been doing some digging online on other peoples experiences of their first cycle, and have seen numerous times people claim there will be no changes in muscle building / strength / water retention until circa week 4 of the Test E cycle, when blood serum levels are fully saturated

Is this true? I assumed it would be a gradual but noticeable increase in progression as the weeks go by.

I guess it would be great to understand this as to not put myself under too much pressure for the first 4 weeks if it is true, I’ve got diet/training dialled in so will be patient on progress if so!


Well, most people who take steroids NEVER see any benefits. Statistically, there are more guys in the gym who have taken stuff than those who havent. How big of a % of all men in the gym look like they have ever lifted anything at all?
So… If by this point you have already achieved something, you are big and strong already, then i am sure you will feel something much sooner.
If you are one of those guys who take steroids because they look like they have never lifted in hopes that steroids will magically change that - then you probably will see some water retention by week 2 and probably not much else…ever.


You should feel some strength increase within 10 days.
IMO, the best empirical gauge is strength. The muscle size will follow.

Note: Genetics plays a much larger role than any of us, less than genetic freaks, would like to admit to ourselves.

What benefit are you expecting to see at week 4?

I may be an outlier but I didn’t really experience much of anything lol. No strength or water gains. Other that the fact I was giving my self a shot I didn’t notice anything. Leaning out with DHB was noticeable, seemed a lot drier than without it. Only thing I noticed.

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You didnt get anything out of a 500mg blast?

Not really. Nor a 750mg/test a week blast under the guidance of a coach

Is there a reason “why” that you believe in? I mean like - why do you think its like that?

I have no idea. It was the most frustrating thing I’ve ever been through and took me to one of the darkest places, mentally I’ve ever been too.

So you were in a caloric surplus, gained weight(at least fat), trained and…nothing?


Kinda same for me. I am hoping it was diet, because I was too fat and afraid of getting fatter during the last blast. But I didn’t put much water on either. I did get some bump in strength. Another plus is that although I didn’t get what I expected, going to cruise didn’t result in a big loss of gains.

I think I am someone who can be fairly muscular, and hold muscle. I just can’t build very quickly.

One thing I have thought is lower blast dosages, but long duration. Since it doesn’t seem like even with AAS I build super quick. But a 6 month run at like 500 mg/wk, might really build some muscle for me.

That makes me feel less bad about the fact that i also have done tons of shit that didnt seem to do anything, yea…
I think what i got, could be done in 3 years with low to moderate doses, but it took me 16 years and boatloads of toxic shit.

Are you on TRT now? If yes, then…why and does it do anything? And have you done some blasts with something else, not test? Maybe you just dont respond to test.
The classic cycle in my country was dbol and deca, with no test…

I lost about 5-7 pounds and am the exact same level of leanness as when I was on. Assuming some extra glycogen and who knows what else. I think I’ll try it one more time in the future and if it’s anything close to what it was before, I’ll just be on TRT for life and milk those slow gains till I die.

This seems to be my case… When i started gaining weight at 220lbs, i noticed that if i really pushed my food, my weight increased slowly… after a few months i added more and more drugs, but if i have to be honest to myself - i didnt gain anything quicker… the amount of weight i put on in any period of time remained the same…
In these 2 weeks that i am gaining again, i have gained around 8lbs on a test cruise, some slin and now MK… this weight gain is actually the same or even faster than it was on 5 times as much steroids.

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Let us know if you get blood work on this. You taking it without GH? My IGF-1 did not budge at all with 12.5 mg/day of MK.

Yea it’s honestl pretty shitty. I get to watch everybody else blast and have amazing results and I’m just over here crying with my empty syringes :joy:

I had never done any kind of steroids prior to being put on TRT. I went to my doctor about just over all fatigue and low sex drive and he ran a hormone panel, well like 3 lol. I think I was 25 at the time, maybe 26. All tests came in below 300 (total) 8am in the morning draw time. After I’d been on a while I decided to do my first blast. It was less than double my TRT dose and nothing really happened. Second one was like 2.4x my TRT dose and nothing really happened. My body also hates testosterone for some reason. Haven’t had much symptom resolution and it takes a lot of test to get me to ranges most would see from 125mg/wk. 200mg a week dosed E3D had me at like 5-600total and like 15-18 free t.

I tried var on a cut once on top of my TRT. Never noticed a thing. In fact it actually made it a lot harder to lose weight. Gave the rest to my buddy. Tried DHB with my last blast and got some pip and that was it.
I had some adrol but gave it away as I figured it was pointless to use. Still have some tbol and var but no plans on running it.

My hypothetical next blast will be high test high primo and growth, if nothing decent on that I’m done. Too scared to try tren or deca.


I already struggle with my dick not working like it used too because of past SSRI use, if I got deca or tren Dick I’m pretty sure I’d kill myself, or Atleast seriously contemplate it. I’m not going a year with a non working Dick for gains lol

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Nah i am still taking GH EOD as i did before, and i have bloodwork on this, so i cant drop GH now, because i wont know what changed on MK… so i will do bloods on saturday and i will update my thread with the results. If MK doesnt fuck my liver or cholesterols, i will quit GH and stay on MK(if it at least increases GH results). Still hoping it will do something to my IGF.

since i am playing with insulin now and i just dont see any downfalls to it, i would suggest you stick to your TRT and just add GH and slin as much as you can afford… i cant tell for sure, because its not enough time but i kinda see/think/believe that i am growing on this now…
high test might be a bad idea since you know it doesnt do shit… primo is mild… GH is even milder unless taken in high dosages.

what does of test are you on btw?

even on cialis? (i presume you have tried it)

~310mg/week split E3D. Has me peaked around 11-1200 total and free like 29 or something. Been a while since I looked at my TRT labs but it’s not a permablast but not quite conventional TRT either. I slowly worked up to this with my doctor and I started to see symptom resolution here and stopped. It’s not what I hoped but I’m riding that line between TRT and blasting I feel and felt it best to accept it and move on.

I take daily 5mg and have some 20’s I’ll break out here and there. Viagra just gave me a headache and nothing else lol