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First Cycle with Test E + Primobolan

hello guys

I’ve got nolvadex and Clomid thats my PCT
im 23yr/o,190cm height and 89kg,2yrs gym xp
Please leave your comments about my plan and any tips for my cycle,Thanks

Don’t run a gram + worth of gear for your first cycle… Just run the test

Nolva Should work for pct

Have an AI on hand as well

P. S. Just read your stats again… You’ve only been in the gym 2 years and your 23…lift natural for another 2 years minimum and research aas during that time then run a test only cycle

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  • are you aware of the risks involved with using gear (cardiac, endocrine, mental, haematological, etc)
  • 1.1g=way too high for 1st cycle, most RECREATIONAL gym goers will never need 1g let alone more.
  • you’re super tall that’s 6’3

Yeah right i was though 250mg per week
sorry what’s is Al?

hell yeh i kn what’s next…
and 250 mg per week should be fine
and my height is just fine,thanks

The only problem is that when your primo ends up being EQ and your AI dosing needs to change you won’t know what’s causing it. That’s why everyone recommends one new compound at a time and a first cycle should always be test-only.

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