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First Cycle with Sustanon 250


Hello all, first off let me state that I have been following some threads and I truly respect and appreciate that you all would take some of your time to help newbies.

That being said, my name is Ryan and I am 6' 200lbs, 27 years old and currently holding about 15% body fat. I have been training consistently for a little over 8 years and actually even did a natural bodybuilding competition. My current stats are as follows:
Bench - 250 (never been good)
Squat - 375
Deadlift - 400

This is my first cycle and I am looking to put on a good 15 pounds of muscle and lose some of this body fat. I have always trained hard and my diet stays fairly clean most of the time and super clean when I need to be crowd ready. I want to use AAS because lately my energy is down in the gym, have not noticed good gains in a while and I just want to push my lifts and body to the next level.

My proposed schedule is below, I chose Sustanon 250 because I feel it is on the "safer" side of steroids and the potential benefits far outweigh the risks. My main concerns of this cycle is when to initiate HCG, when to stop it, when to begin PCT, when to stop it and the frequency of my injections.

I am currently planning on once a week but want to know what the potential upside would be with increased frequency. I am very worried about gyno so that is why I have chosen to cycle with that and then pick it up in the PCT. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you.


Sorry just saw my table did not post here is my proposed schedule:

Weeks 1-2: 300 MG per week of Sustanon 250 administered once a week
Weeks 2-4: Clomid 25mg administered EOD
Weeks 3-6: Up Sustanon to 400 MG per week administered once a week
Weeks 3-9: HCG 250iu every four days
Weeks 5-9: Increase freguency of Clomid to Every Day
Weeks 6-9: Up Sustanon to 500 MG per week administered once a week
Weeks 10-12: Bridge
Weeks 13-16:PCT
Days 1-10 100 MG Clomid Every day
Days 11-20 50 MG Clomid Every Day

What is everyones thought on the Clomid during the cycle, I am really worried about Gyno! All help is greatly appreciated, if you have any questions on my description, shoot them out and I will get right back to you.


Better to use an AI rather than a SERM during the cycle. It's kind of like prevention rather than treating the symptoms. Most would agree that Nolva is better for PCT than Clomid.

Also, losing body fat while putting on 15 lbs will be difficult even on a cycle (and a mild one at that). Best to pick one goal and stick to it. If you want to put on mass during a cycle, you have to really up your calories, otherwise you will be dissapointed.


Your cycle is unnecessarily complicated and even when deciphered, does not make a lot of sense...why aren't you STARTING OUT with higher test doses since it takes a couple weeks to feel the effects? Doesn't make sense to start low and increase, IMO

As PCdude said, you need an AI during the cycle, not a SERM.

I think you are supposed to shoot Sust more frequently.

All this stuff is in the stickeys dude...you really should do some more time reading and not expect us to do all the legwork for you


It's disturbing how much the stickies get overlooked.. Anyhoo Op

If you have no choice but to use sustanon

Week 1-10 or 1-12
.75ml of sust 250 EOD

Adex .25mg-.5mg EOD

pct (I believe 15 days after last injection because of the decanoate ester)

nolva 40/40/20/20

if you are going to use hcg, start in the second or third week, 250iu 2x a week. Make sure you discontinue it before pct starts.

make sure you run adex all the way until the start of your pct (perhaps consider running it through your pct).