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First Cycle with Deca

So after suffering from random pains and achy lower back for 1,5 years, I was finally diagnosed with lumbar spondylosis. Luckily that shit isn’t treated in my country and I have a younger brother with the same diagnosis who’s a disability pensioner at 23 years old. I’m not going through that shit and a ton of people have recommended treating this with nandrolone/deca.

As it shouldn’t be cycled as the only substance, how would I approach this? This would be my first cycle and I’d want to go on a relatively low dose of each to see how I respond. I believe the optimal ratio for test and deca is 2:3, but would going 1:2 with let’s say 100mg of deca and 200mg of test for 12 weeks be a bad idea?

I’m 26 with with 6 years of serious training behind me if that makes any difference here.

That will work. Deca only is dangerous.

The issue is do you understand what your PCT should be and have access to needed items. You could end up worse off than now.

Most?many “first cycles” are disasters.

Most people I know who have cycled have done even year-long cycles without any PCT and all ended up just fine. I’ve been told that I shouldn’t bother with PCT at all with dosages this low but I know you just can’t trust purely anecdotal evidence when it comes to cycling basically anything.

I do have access to at least Nolva and Clomid which both seem to be usually recommended after a deca+test cycle along dropping deca a few weeks before dropping test.

“All ended up just fine” :innocent:

The type of PCT does not relate to what kind of gear was involved.

100mg T per week shuts down LH/FSH in a couple of days. More T is multiples of zer0, same result.

The fact that some recover from doing stupid things does not mean that some will not easily be damaged and those who seem to be doing OK may be damaged after a while. Getting your knowledge in places like this is the problem when you are running with the other lemmings [sorry could not help myself, that was harsh]. I do get to deal with the train wrecks in the T-replacement forum.

You can always seek a better understanding and do things better.

Yeah I’m not going to cycle anything at all without a proper PCT protocol no matter what others say and how “fine” they ended up. I’ve seen such reckless use of steroids in and out of my gym most wouldn’t even believe it. And no that wasn’t harsh, I agree with you on that.

Basically I just wondered if 1:2 of deca and test is fine since 2:3 is recommended everywhere and what kind of doses would still be worth anything. I’ve seen conflicting information saying 200mg/100mg is a good first cycle and others saying it’s bullshit and not enough.