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First Cycle with 4x/Week Orals to Minimize Side Effects?

Would this be worth doing, with a test base of 500 mg/week? Take orals only periworkout, i.e., a few hours before and then the next morning, assuming an afternoon/evening workout. For instance:

(M: deadlift, 25 mg oxandrolone before lifting
T: rest day, 25 mg morning
W: log press, 25 mg before
Th: 25 mg morning, 25 mg before squats
F: rest day, 25 mg morning
Sa: bench, 25 mg before
Su: rest day, 25 mg morning) x 6 for oral portion of 12-week cycle

Given their short half-lives, this puts peak concentrations around the main times of MPS.

This also reduces the dose by 150 mg/week (42% reduction) of oral AAS. I realize that it will not be as effective as taking 50 mg/day, but is the reward:risk still high enough to warrant this?

I feel like I’m missing something…

Have you used var? I noticed some strength, but I think I needed it a bit higher. I was doing 50 per day, but felt stronger at 75. This is if you are pushing strength. I took 100 the day of a powerlifting meet, and it was noticable.

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I’ve actually never done any AASs, I’m trying to learn as much as I can before I take the plunge. If I do, then my first cycle will be just test, but I want to try var for the second cycle assuming the first goes well. I will order it along with the test to minimize the number of transactions.

Yes, strength is the goal. That’s helpful to know, thanks for the reply. If you noticed it that quickly after dosing, would the full dose before lifting and no dose on rest days be effective?

You can use anavar in your first cycle, just not in the beginning. Using it at the end of the cycle makes a lot more sense (whether it’s your first or sixth cycle) and it’s highly effective. But use it the way everyone else does. The wheel is excellent and doesn’t need to be fine-tuned.


Thanks! If I feel ok during the first portion of the cycle, then I will probably take anavar for the last 6 weeks.


I should say I only posted about my experience with var, which could have been underdosed or something else completely, or perhaps I don’t respond well to it. Starting lower is better if you can resist bumping it up.

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I value any and all feedback, especially from knowledgeable people.

I’m not worried about underdosing at this point; I simply want to see how my body responds to AASs.

I also feel assurance from the fact that I have access to ways of verifying the purity and dosage of anything that I buy.

Wouldn’t taking var every day cause less sides due to more stable levels of the hormone in the body? I’ve found I have the fewest sides on cycle when I keep blood levels as stable as possible.

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My last two runs with Var I took it pre-workout and noticed strength jumps during the second week, keeping test at TRT dose. I’m a big fan of it now.

I like your idea (and others) of using it during the last 6 weeks of a cycle, will do that next time.

That’s a very good point. I knew I was missing something! Thanks.

That’s good to know; that’s what I will do. And to be fair, I got the idea from @iron_yuppie and it made sense.