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First Cycle, Winstrol Only


so guys, i will run my first cycle in a couple weeks and wanted to get some headups.
So i chose Winstrol for my first cycle. Im gonna get 2000mg’s and use all of it up with 50 a day resulting in 40 days (im planing on doing a lean bulk with it). Afterwards i have a total of 1000mg’s of Nolva and imma split it up like 100 on day 1, 10 days of 60 and use the rest with 40 a day. (dont wanna use Chlomid, i might be prone to weak eyes bc of family history)

So i chose Winstrol bc of no aromatization and since its supposed to be all muscle and little water gains and thus being able to keep most of the gains made. (<- keeping gains is pretty important to me if you got any tips shoot em my way)

Now id like to know if im wrong with anything i think and further constructive criticism on my cycle.

So thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Fuck no

How much research did you do before coming up with this cycle?

ive tried reading up all the shit for some months now but there is just so much stuff to consider, thats why im even posting here bc i still feel kinda unsure

but if you got some good info for what im trying to achive id appreciate if if you give me some links and stuff

Have you ever read anywhere that running winny solo is a good idea? I would keep researching on first cycles and reconsider your choice of AAS.

well i read contadicting things so how should i know what to trust

Two schools of thought. One of them is right, the other is…not wrong necessarily, but not best practices.

You don’t run orals solo because then you suppress your testosterone so much that by the time you’re a few weeks into your cycle your body is not going to feel good, your mood will be shitty, your gains will stall, your libido will be wrecked, and so on. This is supported by the basic science of how hormones work. That’s why test is always recommended as a base for every cycle (with rare exceptions).

The counter argument is that years ago guys ran oral-only cycles, test-free cycles, etc, and they all lived to tell the tale. Hell, most of the Olympic cheating that took place in the 70’s and 80’s was with winstrol. But that doesn’t make it a good idea.

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@alwaystheteddy Listen to what Iron says. He’s spot on. If you’re afraid to pin, then steroids arent for you. Basic rule of steroid use is: you can’t run something that will suppress your natural production without replacing it with an exogenous source.