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First Cycle- Why Not Tren

Well i am thinking of starting a cycle when summer starts next year. Is there any valid reason why tren would be a bad way to go? I am 6’2" and 205 pounds, about 12% body fat now. The program i am on right now is working well for me but gains are becoming harder and harder to make. My nutrition isnt bad, i am down to 3000 cals a day right now so that i dont get fat, i would probably up to 5000 during the cycle. It just seems that alot of people are running stuff like Deca or D-Bol and havent seen too many running tren. I know d-bol is an oral so i guess its easier to take. Anyways it would be great to hear your guys’ thoughts on the subject, it would be even better to hear from someone who has done a cycle or 2 of tren. Thanks and i appreciate it.

How old are you and how long have you been lifting? I’d also bet that you have plenty of growing left to do naturally if you ate more. You are 2" taller than I am and I’m the same weight and prob. pretty close in bf% and I know I have plenty of natural growth left. Having said that, I know people who ran tren for their first cycles and they liked it.