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First Cycle. Well Executed?


Whats’up fam, first of all English is my second language so excuse if I’m wrong in some terms.

I’m looking to do my first cycle, I have been training for about 4-5 years and have had good progress so far but as you know we all want that extra boost being as conservative as possible.

I’m 22, 6’1, 179 pounds Ectomorph and I would say around 14-16% BF, I’m naturally skinny. (I will upload some pictures tomorrow morning with empty stomach)

Diet is pretty clean, I’m studying nutrition so I understand mostly that part but by no means I’m an expert, while on cycle I’ll boost protein intake, I’ll make sure I’m getting enough carbs for good quality training sessions and my fats will come mostly from avocado and nuts with low sodium.

Any inputs on foods that I should implement or avoid while on cycle?

Not looking to do the cycle right now most likely by October but so far after reading a little bit on this site I have come to this:

Cycle Breakdown:

Test-E: 500MG/Week 250MG Monday 250MG Thursday
Anastrazol- .5MG E.O.D throughout the cycle (Should I take this on pin day or doesn’t really matter)
HCG 250IU three times a week.
-2 Weeks after last Test-e Shot will start PCT
Nolva 4 weeks 40/40/20/20 ( Should I extend this for 2 more weeks?)

Should I add something else for PCT?

Also, still trying to see when is the best time for blood work and if you would have to do it trough the cycle, when would be the ideal to see if everything is going well?

I’m getting my stuff from a source in Mexico, I have seen the guy from enhanced athlete actually using it in some of his videos.

I hope I can get some input in here guys and as I said I’m not rushing,I’m trying to make a conservative/well executed first cycle.

Thanks in advance!



Ok lets get through the basics first, you seem like a decent bro, so ima help you abit.

First of all do not take HCG a lot of this can shut you down and hurt your balls, you want to take this after last pin as a bridge into PCT, also at 22 i dont think you need this unless you for sure have low test like 100-200 range.

The AI is tricky, some do ED or E3D it all depends on body and how it reacts, taking to much to often will cause estro problems and taking to little will also cause problems this is why its good to do a blood test to see where you are at halfway.

Secondly, test dosage seems okay for starters running 12 weeks is optimal.

Arimedex is a good pick i would pick aromasin however if its available since arimedex can give sides…aromasin is abit more mild and works great but this is my opinion, your body and mine are different.

PCT looks good if you have 50mg tabs even better go for 50/50/25/25 (cut them in half) if not 40/20 is fine also.

Now on to what you referred to as a “boost”, while on cycle you will gain 12-20 pounds 80% might be muscle, and a lot of strength and stamina, after pct and 3-4 months after pct you will lose 50% of more of the gains but the strength remains the same if not at 20% less than at prime if you keep lifting and good diet.

It will become very hard to just do one cycle since the gains are not keepable, to keep gains you have to cruise or do more than 1 cycle bro, this is why its not worth it for just a “boost”, many peoples true selfs are shown during aas use and pct, for example if you are emotional guy you will be crying at pictures of kittens on the net no joke, or if you are an angry mofo you will most likely scream at your significant other, trust me the sides are not worth it either, even after pct you WILL have rebound and will feel like shit this can fuck up your gains and put you back to square one and even worse than before you started the aas. So just make sure you are ready for this.