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First Cycle was Rough Mentally

Alright, I don’t know if this is the correct place for is but I am desperate for help. So I used my first cycle January of 2016 until May 2016. I went in excited hoping for good growth and all the mental effects of gear use, the god like feelings, relaxation etc. instead I got irritability, serious depression, I wasn’t motivated to save my life, and all I did was crave donuts and shit food. It was literally like i had the mindset of a lazy fat fuck who makes excuses for everything. It completely changed my mindset.

I am a 3x competitor finishing top 3 in all 3 shows. I pride myself on my hard work and diet and this just completely made me do a 180. I never thought like I did when I was on. I am 28, 6’1 and I am currently 240. I got fat as hell on the gear from the cravings, not hunger, cravings. My AI was aromasin or Anastrozole. I used it when needed as I didn’t have any gyno related sides. All my sides were mental. Complete mindfuck from the deepest pits of hell.

My cycle was a follows;
Sustanon 500mg 2 injections weekly mon,thu
EQ 300 mg Monday injection
AI was used as needed. I’ve never had any gyno issues during puberty or during my cycle. I need feedback on what I did wrong. all my friends wo train and compete who use it all talk about how great they feel a the time. I had a complete opposite reaction, any feedback is very appreciated. I’ve noticed however that the AI makes me very irritable and I crave all the shit food in the world. That’s not normal for me, I have no troubles dieting when I am “natty”.
Please and thank you.

Test and especially eq increase hunger but my simple guess would be you didn’t have legit gear and all you managed to do was crash your hormone levels

Alright so I have my next cycle or planned out, it’s
750mg week test cyp
375 mg NPP
My AI was going to be aromasin E2D
Caber .5mg a week.
Whst sides do these compounds usually cause? I know everybody is different but like EQ, a lot of compounds are known for certain sides. Any input is appreciated.

EQ can cause anxiety, and increase in hunger/food consumption. I got anxiety from EQ, shit cardio, and loss of appetite. I felt like shit all the time, but it did put on the mass so it effects people differently to some degree. Some people love it, others think it does nothing for them.
Try one substance for a cycle. If it agrees with you can increase the dosage, or add another substance and see how you feel. If that works you know you have a viable stack,

if your first cycle was so shitty DONT UP THE DOSES and add in a harder compound.

Run 200-250 test pinned every 4th 5th or 6th day and be consistent. 1st cycle, LESS IS MORE!!!

Also I agree with the legit gear, but i have little experience with non legit stuff. I just know how awesome legit stuff is.

Well I was doing research and I am suspect to believe I am very sensitive to an AI. I had Anastrozole on hand and if I used even .25 mg I was a robot. No emotions but irritable as hell. I am going to try my next cycle with less AI. I never had gyno sides even when I wasn’t using it. I really wanna get this figured out. It’s frustrating.

then lower the test and drop the NPP.

Okay, now what’s the significance of dropping the NPP.

you are not experienced in steroid use and your first cycle was a disaster. NPP is a big boy drug and you’re not there yet.

Personally, I think people should start off with a basic test cycle with an oral kick start.

250MG of Test E or C every 3 days for 12-16 weeks and 60mg of anavar per day for 4-6 weeks.

Some people ascribe to the opposite school of thought where your first cycle is the one where you will see the most gains and therefore you should load up the drugs. I personally am not a fan of this but I am never going to compete. I am assuming that’s why you started with a gram of test per week, you wanted to max our your first and most productive cycle.

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No, my cycle was 500mg sustanon woth 250mg injections twice weekly and EQ 300 mg once weekly. I didn’t start with 1 gram of sustanon. I worded my post wrong, I apologize.

Have to agree with the guys above: your 19nor compounds are not the same as pinning test - there’s a whole nother batch of crap you get to deal with on those. Leave those out for a while, especially after having a shit first cycle. Get a couple good cycles under your belt (at least) before dipping your toe into that pool.

I would say to go with just test, and stay at the 500/week level. Don’t use an AI unless you are seeing sides - I used an AI on a previous cycle and turns out I didn’t need to - kept playing with dosing and timing (ED, EOD, E3D, etc) and had issues with floppy dick the whole time until I dropped the AI completely. Good thing I wasn’t at home, the wife would have been pissed.

Oral kickstart isn’t a bad idea either, but I would keep this one simple and see what happens. If you had trouble with anastrazole, maybe get your hands on a different AI so you can see how you react to that one. I’ve used arimidex and aromasin and haven’t noticed a difference (as far as ‘feeling’ it) between them, but that’s me.

As for dosing schedule, I like E3D the best for enanthate and similar esters - gives the steadiest blood levels according to roidcalc. 2X weekly puts an extra day in between injections and one point, allowing for a dip in levels - small dip, but still. Maybe I’m just anal that way.

Thank you, I appreciate the ACTUAL advice minus the unneeded degradation of my character based off of minimal information given. I think I will just go with 500mg a week of test and hold off on the NPP. AI’s infuriate me. Idk what it is I just get so irritable I can’t even lift I just sit and hate the world lol. Anastrozole caused the same thing. I think my response to AI’s is just magnified more than most however I will have them on hand. I didn’t have any Gyno flaring of any kind so I am not too worried. My PCT was unbelievably good however. I was an elation all wreck on clomid but then soon as my pct was over I felt like a million bucks. I felt off gear and post pct how I should have felt on gear. Strange response i have.thanks again for the info

It looks like you abandoned your last thread. Hopefully you read the part about getting your own bloodwork done. You NEED to do this to determine how to use your AI appropriately. Otherwise you’ll find yourself in the same situation as last time. Stop blaming the AI until you’ve gotten bloodwork confirming this is the problem. In my experience, I’ve found myself more irritable when my E2 is high, rather than when it’s too low. And I certainly don’t crave more food when it’s low. It’s actually possible that you’ve misdiagnosed your problem in the opposite direction.

So I guess when I said don’t raise the dose, you didn’t want to hear it, but now you get it. At least you learned eventually.

I think you should just start with Test on this next one to learn how each drug effects you individually. Maybe 8 weeks of test at 500mg/wk, (get bloodwork checked for estro levels) then week 8 throw in an oral or another somewhat mild injectable. Only add 1 drug at a time, so you can see what drugs do/don’t agree with you instead of just wild guessing on what’s doing what. You must get bloodwork done as well, it takes a ton experience to correctly self diagnose with A.I.s without bloodwork. And that’s still not even optimal even for a lifetime gear user