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First Cycle, Want to Go Oral



age : 31
Height : 5'7"
weight : 162 lbs
trainnig history : 8 years of serious training

I want to give a try because i am a truly ectomorph and i want to put on more muscles.
4000 cal per day : 35% prot, 50% carbs, 15% fats... And dont seem to put another pound...
And yes i already give Creatine a try.

I've been looking at Turinabol or Dianabol.
But here again, i want to put on quality muscles...
I made some search on the subject but nobody seem to use the sames dosages.
Turinabol or Dianabol ?
And what dosages ?
Can i cycle more longer if i reduce the dosages ?
Is it better or i better stay short cycle with more dosages ?




Then perhaps 4500 or 5000 would be better suited for you? I am currently up to 7500-8000 a day.


At 162 lbs, im over by 1000 cal my maintenance intake already.
In the past, i try up by 500 cal increments but all was given to me its pain in the stomac and more time in the bathroom... lol


Ill say this one time.

If you are eating a specific amount of food every single day and not gaining weight, then that amount of calories is your maintenance level. If you found some internet calculator to determine what you think your maintenance is, guess what? Its wrong. Obviously.

This is very basic common sense stuff.

Eat more food.

Obviously the decision to use AAS is your own. Youre a grown man. An tbol or dbol cycle is hardly ideal. I do not endorse that at all.

List exactly what you ate yesterday. Be specific with the amounts please. If it doesnt come out to 4000 calories then youve only been lying to yourself and that is the root of your problem.


Hmmmmm, I'm just wondering if his particular problem and number of posts has anything to do with that date I see on my calender...


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Every day = 8 meals, spacing by 2 hours of approximately 500 calories
(40-50 grams Prot, 60-70 grams CH and no more than 10 grams of fats)

I know oral only is not the best choice but i want to see if my body will repond well to AAS first.


Bump up your intake then and see what happens. Your maintenance level, probably calculated online, is an estimate, not a fact. Like Bonez said, if you stay at the same weight you are at maintenance. Also the idea of seeing if you respond well first is retarded. Either do it or don't. No need to waste your money when it could be put towards a much more productive cycle.

Not to mention probably cheaper. If you want to save money before you put a large investment into AAS, 6 weeks of prop would be better.

The standard 10 week beginner cycle of Test E would be the cheapest by far (if your sources are anything like mine)....


add in 2 litres of milk a day (4pints)

also check your calories on fitday.com

as for dbol vs. tbol, i say tbol.


^^ good advice.

Milk can help you. If you really are a hard gainer, it will still help.

I used to use a gallon of whole milk a day+normal diet when I was trying to gain.

You may add some fat, if you are worried about losing your abs for a brief period of time though, you will never get big. Add muscle, then cut.


I'll third (fourth) the milk...if you can tolerate it, there is no reason not to drink it. Stuff works. I drink 1/2gal per day in addition to as much food as I can stomach, and I've gained at least 3lbs/week for the last 2 months. I'm up 25lbs since January.

Why exactly do you want to use orals? The downsides IMO aren't worth it. They have their place as an adjunct but any good cycle has to based on good-ole-fashioned injected T.


I 2nd injections. but it seems you aren't doing the right things to grow. weight before getting in the gym?
whats your menu like? I think you need more guidance after 8 years and no gains? something is wrong here. did you do a blood test recently? also whats your training like?


You WILL respond to AAS, provided everything else is in place. 80-year-old bedridden men and AIDS/cancer patients on the brink of death respond to AAS. Obviously, healthy young athletes will.

No reason not to do your first cycle right and maximize your gains.

The factors that cause gains, in order of importance:
1. Genetics/hormones/overall health
2. Diet/recovery
3. Training

Training is just the stimulus. It's indispensable of course, but it's the first few factors that actually allow you to grow.


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