First Cycle, Want to Cut - Questions

I’m planning on doing a cycle, it will be my first “real” cycle. I have done a couple of pretty strong PH cycles and have PCT’d. I understand the concept and I am in pretty good shape. Plenty of experience in the gym. biggest reason I haven’t yet is the fear of needles, 100% serious…

I was planning on just doing a cycle of just var… but at this point said fuck it, might as well try some test, have had so many people tell me how great it feels to be on it.

So my question, I’m really wanting to mainly keep my mass and cut a bit, ideally put on a little bit of size. I don’t need to cut fast, but with summer coming up I’d like to be somewhat cut vs bulked as I am now (5’9 196).

From my understanding it really won’t matter test e/test p for cutting, is that true? I read prop was better but in a couple threads on here there was some discussion that in the end it won’t make any difference.

What would be a solid recommended dosage for 8 weeks? I was thinking 60-70mg/day for the var, obviously the test would vary depending on type.

Is it really necessary to run test w/ the var? Or would I be alright doing just the var? or would the gains be significantly better w/ the test base?

As far as PCT what would be a good recommendation? From my understanding a var only cycle wouldn’t require as much compared to test + var?

Thanks in advance.

yeah man, run the test. Somewhere in the region of half a gram a week would be perfect. As for the var, dose it as high as you can afford it.

PCT would be the usual nolva/clomid.

Get an AI.

For a guy who doesn’t like needles you may want to stay away from Prop. That needs to be pinned every other day.