First Cycle w/ Tren?

Hey boys! How’s it going. I’m 6’5, 260 and am at around 16-17% body fat. My bench is 300, squat 380-90, dead 450+. Ive been lifting my whole life. I am planning on doing one cycle before college ball starts up in August, and I have it fairly well planned out I believe. I have nolvex and clomid for pct and Gyno management, and I’m getting testo c 250/twice a week for 8-10 weeks. I wanted to also add another anabolic to this cycle, since this will be my only one for atleast a few years, and I wish to maximize my possible gains during this cycle. My goals are to maybe gain a few pounds of mass, but I really want to lean up to maybe 12-13%bf whilst replacing that fat with muscle. I was wondering about adding in some Tren on a pretty mild dose, since it aligns to what I wish to accomplish pretty well. Thanks in advance!

don’t, don’t, don’t. you have NO IDEA what you’re getting into man. You absolutely should not run tren in your first cycle. Believe me, tren is an extraordinarily difficult drug to handle, as far as mental side effects are concerned. If this is your first cycle, and you want to get the most out of it, just use more test than most people recommend. Why do you feel like you need multiple compounds? More test is a better solution.

run 750mg/ week instead of 500. If you want to add in something else, use an oral kickstarter like dbol or winstrol or anavar.


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How about not running a cycle at all? You still have a ton of room to grow naturally and must be young if you are starting college ball. You’re big but your lift numbers don’t equate to your size meaning you still have some training to do/learn. For example, I am a paltry 5’7" 185lbs and easily best all three of your lifts at age 36.

Thanks for the response! I agree I am young, but my mind is made up. Too
many of my teammates are already doing, and I just wanted your thoughts on
what to run with test to lose fat and gain muscle. I have about 6 months

yea, I mean your lifts do suck, even as a natural, at your size. Something to consider: if you need steroids just to get your lifts up to an average level, perhaps performance at a high level in your sport is not in the cards for you. Just saying.

Run a good diet and decent training program lol.

I’m a talented player, or I wouldn’t have gotten the scholarship that I did. And I understand that my strength is my weak point, which is why over the past year I have been extremely diligent in my diet and training program. I’ve made some good gains, but I can’t make up for not being 100% on my shit through highschool in half a year without roids, and since I’m only going on cycle this once, I need as many gains as I can get lmao. So I understand that tren is crazy, but I thought I’d throw it out there. What do you guys think I should run in order to lean up a little faster? I’ve heard good things about winny, but not sure that I want my joints drying out.

Just to clarify is your main goal to gain muscle/strength or to improve body composition or do you just want all the things at once?

Going off what you’ve said it and where u at it seems instead of another compound you’re better off investing time/money/effort in a strength coach and perfecting your diet. Would be wasting a lot of potential gains you could get from gear if your training + diet aren’t on point.

If you’re going to do it anyway then listen to flips first advice and your good to go.

Thanks for the reply! And honestly my first goal is to improve body comp, and strength/muscle is an added benefit. And I truly believe my training/diet is good now. I’m doing a 6 day PPL routine, with about 3-500 calories under maintenance, and 300 grams of protein per day. I’m making gains, but nowhere near where I want to be.

Thats way to much protein man. @flipcollar made a good argument in another thread regarding protein intake, cant remember which one if anyone can link it. I also agree with the masses, you should focus on diet and getting stronger naturally before hopping on gear. You definitely have alot more potential.

Enough has been said about your gear plans, so I’ll skip that.

Isn’t PPL more of a bodybuilding template? I would say drop that and move to something more directly strength related - I personally would say 531 or Juggernaut because I have direct experience with them but there are plenty of strength based athletic programs out there. Six months of that type of training even natty would be more beneficial than you seem to realize.

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I guess I should have asked what you play. I assumed football. Is that correct?

Yeah, defensive end! I’m a little heavy which is why I wanted to lose a few % body fat, and I definitely need to get stronger.

Okay. I’m willing to try something a little different. I think I need to focus more on low reps high weight in general. Thanks for the feedback