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First Cycle Veteran Lifter

Hello everyone! Brand new to the site but really excited to find a great site with smart people.
Let me introduce myself in Max I’m 28 6’4 189lbs and I hover between 6%-10% bf(according to a bod pod at my base gym). I have been in the military for around 6 years and have been working out for almost 11 years. I am a NASM trainer and a military personal fitness leader. Why am I telling you all this? So you understand I’m not a noob lol.
That being said I have never ventured into gear before. I have done SARMS , 1 &4 andro, and way back in 09 I did some Pro hormones( not knowing what I was doing got bad gyno which I had removed).
So I have decided that it is time to attempt gear. I have always been thin and no matter the fact I meal prep every week n eat 4800 or more calories i have never been over 205lbs. So after much much research I believe I have a fairly good first stack. Knowing that I am gyno prone I focused heavily on pct and I know maybe overkill but that’s what km here to find out. Please give me feedback pm me if you would mind helping me find a source I have a few online ones I just always scared of getting caught or ripped off lol.

TEST cyponate -350mg a week broken up into 2 injections. For 10 weeks
Aromasin -12.5mg eod for 10 weeks.
H.C.G- for 1 week on mid point of cycle (5th week) and during last 2 weeks of cycle plus 2 weeks after.

Nova-4 weeks first 2 weeks 40mg than 20 mg
Clomid- 4 weeks 50 mg
AI- same dosage as on cycle
Mk2866- not sure
Gw50156-not sure.

Tell me what you guys think thank you and have a great week!

Stick with 500mgs/week. Don’t fuck with the peptides. Add in an oral in the beginning or end. Lower the clomid dose to 25mg/day during PCT.

Also, if you’re going to run HCG, start it within the first few weeks of your cycle and end it a few days before you start your clomid/nolva. Your current plan is incorrect.

Everything else looks good. If the asin is pharma you may crash your estrogen, so just be weary of that.

You think I should run HCG that long? All the info I have gotten says to not take more than 5 weeks. What’s the risk/reward of going the whole cycle?

What do you mean the AI can crash my estrogen?

Thanks for the help!

O one last thing on a normal drug screen do these drugs show? Or do they have to run a specific screen for them

Dear Inspireliving,
Do you want to die young or reach retirement? Please visit my thread on bodybuilding with the same name. I know people will call me an old fart but I don’t care. I have never taken any sort of drug in my long bodybuilding career. I have never competed but I have loved being a part of a sport which when done with a mind set on ones own ‘personal’ preferences becomes a lifelong pleasure. Do yourself a favour and stop right there. You can enjoy everything life has to offer without drugs. Give up the idea that you can compete with people who have to take drugs to succeed. You will only be disappointed. And even if you manage to make it to the top you will have other problems. I don’t want to burst your bubble I only want to help you and other bodybuilders to realize the truth. We are what we are when we are born. We can’t alter our natural bodies without trouble. Take a tip from Jack Lalanne. He was a fitness guru years ago. He did all sorts of strength feats without drugs, and lived till he was 96.
This Pharma forum is frightening. I might become known as the b------d that tries to put people off. I don’t care. I just want bodybuilding to be clean. Am I wasting my time?
Whatever you do just think deeply about it and ask yourself if you want to live a healthy life without drugs and reach retirement like me. I’m 68 and I am on my fourth set of weights. I got hooked on bodybuilding in 1961 when I read the Weider mags. Steve Reeves and Bill Pearl were the stars then. I am living in Thailand with my wife and her family. We had a storm last night and today I helped to clean up and chop a few trees up. I feel good and I feel strong.
Best wishes to all who read this.

HCG is fine in moderate doses, all you need is 250iu twice a week… this keeps your testicles producing testosterone so yes you absolutely should run it throughout. Problems typically arise at higher doses.

Estrogen levels that are too high or too low will make you feel like shit. If you don’t dose your AI properly you will most likely experience one of those (for me they feel the same). It may take some adjusting and bloodwork during your cycle to dial that in correctly.

I do not believe so, you should be fine.

Thank you for all your help. I think I will start at 350mg a week n half way through bump to 500mg just to test out my gyno reactions because as mentioned I had them removed so I’m very prone to it. I will be doing the HCG as you recommended, and as far as AI I’m on the fence with aromisin dosage as I can’t really do bloodwork, any thoughts? Would you mind if I pmed you some questions?

As for the dude above I appreciate your concern but steroids are not going to kill me or anyone if used correctly. I use to be like you sir n think omg they are evil, however if you really spend time and look at the evidence they are not! Yes in crazy 1ml dose 2x weekly kind of thing they will kill you, yet so will mcdonalds(and faster). You are just uninformed sir, take a few hours search YouTube read the New England Medical Journal of Science take on steroids(something like 4000 ppl surveyed over 25 yrs of roid injections) spoiler alert they deemed them almost a “fountain of youth when used correctly” . Really the only reason they are outlawed in the states is because of sports. The media has you my friend.

Are you in the states? Look into privateMDlabs.

Also, if you’ve had the gland removed, why are you so concerned about gyno?

Yeah I’m stateside. I’m worried because it’s not a gland they remove the built up breast tissue and fat and the doctor told me now that I’ve had it it is more likely to come back. That being said I took his word n never researched it so… lol