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First Cycle, Var/Test with OTC PCT!


Should be starting the cycle soon. Looking for advice on refinements to ancillaries, cycle dosages and PCT. Concerned with liver mainly as i'm on other medication.

OTC PCT gasp I know, I know - i'm hoping to get some feedback on whether this is likely to work or not, since i've "heard" good things about this pct protocol being as good if not better than nolva/clomid, but haven't seen much on T-Nation. I'd strongly like to keep the PCT otc if possible guys. Forecasts on possiblity of sides etc.?

Age: 25
Lifting: 7 Years
Height/Weight: 5'3" 150lbs, 9% BF.
PL total: +-950lb
Diet/Training in check.

Cycle and ancillaries:
1 - 6: Test Prop 125mg EOD
1 - 6: Anavar 60mg ED
1 - 6: Arimidex 0.5mg EOD
1 - 6: Liv52 / SAMe / NAC / CoQ10 / Red Yeast Rice

3 - 6: HCGenerate 3 caps am, 2 caps pm
7 - 10: Forma-Stanzolol 5 pumps am, 5 pumps pm
11 - 12: Forma-Stanzolol 3 pumps am, 3 pumps pm
7 - 10: Unleashed 3 caps/day
7 - 10: Post-Cycle 3 caps/day
7 - 10: Bridge 3 caps/day
7 - 10: USPlabs Prime / Animal Stak / Tribulus


No, no, and no.

  1. You're only running 6 weeks of test which imo is not a good idea. You won't see results from the test until around week 4. So only 2 weeks after wouldn't do much.

2.You've "heard that it works better than nolva/clomid"? If you're running any kind of anything that has any effect on your natural test levels, i would NEVER use an OTC PCT. Even if you can't get your hands on nolva in pill form, at LEAST get some liquid stuff from online. I would never leave my nuts in the hands of tribulus and formadrol. You can get nolva for around 60 bucks online if thats your only option. probably cheaper than that pct you have.

again, all just my humble opinion.


He's using test prop. Your first comment is wrong.

Second point is stated well enough.


OP why in the world are you so adamant about using various herbs for PCT instead of drugs that actually work?


Ahhh, my bad. Didn't notice the prop, im stuck on enanthate right now. My apologies deadlift


Thanks very much for the replies so far gents. Given i'm only 150lb, 500mg test should be more than sufficient right? I'm hoping the A-dex will keep gyno etc at bay until PCT commences?

I need to run an OTC PCT because I have military testing in January. I know for a fact it's a full spectrum test for all anabolics/AI's/opiates etc etc. The var and prop should be out by then, but Nolva etc won't be if I were to use those. The PCT protocol in the OP is being punted at elitefitness. Not sure if there's anything funny going on, but everyone reviewing it seems to be raving about how well it works, and there's plenty of them with a pretty comprehensive writeup. Not saying it's the right call - I don't know - and TBH i'd prefer to go with the tried and tested nolva, but since i'm in the predicament above I was looking for any objective opinions on the otc route here.


Not sure if this makes a difference to you guys, but Forma-Stanzolol contains Formestane. From what I understand it used to be a prescription AI in the States before production ceased (was only available as an injection so fell out of favour).


-------------------------------------------------- < You must be at least this tall to use AAS



Are any of them posting blood work at various points during and after 'pct'? Im curious.

Youre taking a risk using otc pct. Plain and simple.

Your best option is to run 2 week cycles. A series of them. You can do a search on this site for more info.


Hey OP, guess what... if you wait till February couldn't you just do it right instead of spending 5x the money on a bunch of herbs.....

I wouldn't trust shit off elite fitness, I have seen some stupid shit on there. Unless they are posting blood work with it... even then I would wonder if it was a fluke.

Bonez is right, its a risk, not to mention you can get nolva cheap if you know where...

I have always heard to run adex at a low dose through PCT. .25mg EOD, then taper off it.

It is only detectable for about a week based on what I have read elsewhere.

Suspension would be good. 1-3 day detection time instead of a few weeks.... If you know when the test will be, just stop a few days before it, then continue after it. Or start PCT after the test.