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First Cycle + Tren

Hi guys, I’ve been training for a while so my trainer and I decided to get on gear. I’m 19 and in a month 20. 185 pounds at 15% BF
I was worried because he put tren ac and en on it and everyone says to not use it on first cycle.
Here it is.

Week 1: Monday: deca 100, Friday: tren en 100
Week 2: Monday: deca 100+test prop 100, Friday: tren en 100
Week 3: Monday: deca 100+test prop 100, Friday: tren en 100
Week 4: Monday: deca 100+test prop 100, Friday: tren en 100
Week 5: Monday: bold 250+CYP 250, Friday: tren AC 100
Week 6: Monday: bold 250+CYP 250, Friday: tren AC 100
Week 7: Monday: bold 250+CYP 250, Friday: tren AC 100
Week 8: Monday: bold 250, Friday: tren AC 100
Week 9: non
Week 10: non
Week 11: hcg 5000 on Monday and 1 omifin every day
Week 12: hcg 5000 on Monday and 2 omifin each day

I’m asking because i just started this Monday and I already feel my heart super hard
Thank you

What’s your question? Are you looking for permission to run those compounds? Test your blood pressure.

Its very likely your are going to get deca dick. Your test dose should be greater than your deca dose to counter the effects of deca. Tren can increase your prolactin which can also cause ED.

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Is this a f**king joke? There’s no way someone is this stupid, right?


Wont the test prop off set the Tren sides? 100 test prop & 100 ren Ace seems ok… Maybe go 100 test prop & 50-75 on the Tren Ace…
But yea dont see reason for deca…looks like a cut cycle why not Var or winny instead of deca??

Tnation used to be a forum with some knowledgeable guys.

Its just not the same anymore.



Blood pressure is 150/50… Just tested
I feel my heart like this since I took deca on Monday, haven’t tried tren yet. Is this normal?

Can you explain yourself? That’s what my trainer gave me and he’s one of the best in Europe.
What’s wrong with it?

Tested again and 130-55

Then Europe has some pretty low standards.

  1. You do not start your trainee on steroids at age 20
  2. You do not run FOUR different AAS on a first cycle
  3. You do not run deca for only four weeks
  4. You do not run boldenone for only four weeks
  5. You do not start test cyp in the middle of a cycle without also including a shorter ester because it takes two weeks for the cyp to ramp up; you’re basically going without stable test levels for two weeks in the middle
  6. You do not run tren on your first cycle
  7. You have included no AI in your plan
  8. You do not run tren once a week
  9. You do not run test prop once a week
  10. I assume you mean HCG and not HGH; assuming that, you do not run that much HCG

Are those enough reasons? Your trainer may know a lot about training, but he knows nothing about steroids. Nothing. This is the worst cycle I’ve ever seen anyone propose and it’s not particularly close. This is way, way beyond incompetence. This is almost maliciously stupid. Stop now. I repeat, STOP NOW. You know nothing, your trainer knows nothing, and this will end in tears. You’ve been warned. Time to listen to the grownups instead of your trainer (who I assume is also your source). Stop. Now. Save yourself.


How do I stop it now that I’ve started because I want to stop

You started Monday, correct? You stop it by not continuing. Don’t touch anything for the next two weeks, get blood work done, and if need be you run an abbreviated pct. The deca needs a few weeks to clear, but one shot isn’t going to kill you.

Ok, thanks
All of this started because of blood pressure, I don’t know why it’s happening

Well done


Anything to say about blood pressure? It’s 150-50 and half hour later it was 130-55

I think you need to take iron_yuppie’s advice. Stop the cycle and relax. You’re probably creating your own situational high blood pressure.

I don’t have a definitive answer for you, but you injected a foreign substance into your body, so a whole bunch of different things can happen. Studhammer is right, you definitely need to relax and take a step back. You need to get your system back to homeostasis. I’m sure you’re scared right now. It’s fine. Keep monitoring BP, eat right, get good sleep, maybe take a few days off from lifting. If it remains high then you can address that a few different ways. But for now just try not to freak yourself out.


Thank you guys, I’m gonna chill for a few days now and see how everything goes.

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As an old man speaking to you, please just lift your ass off and EAT! OK? As long as you didn’t screw up your endocrine system (and I don’t think you did) your natural test levels will get you where you want to be but its not easy and it takes a while. Please do not be a typical millennial and expect instant gratification. If you want REAL muscle and REAL strength, it takes being under the bar for years! Let me put it this way. I started lifting in 1993, 5 years before you were even born! I didnt even think about steroids until 4 years ago and that was after about 7 years of shitty TRT treatment.
You want something, then bust your ass for it.

Rant over


Absolutely. It’s become really sad.