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First Cycle, Tren/Winny?


I'm 19 years old and have been bodybuilding for 2-4 years now. I weigh a lean 170lbs and think i am ready to start my first cycle. My first cycle is gonna consist of:

100mg Trenbolone Acetate Every Mon & Thur
50mg Winstrol depot Inj Every Mon & Thur

I will also be taking Liv 52's at 3 tabs a day and tamoxifen at 10mg a day from the start of my cycle.

I am thinking of doing this for 5 weeks.
I have researched steroids for about 4 months now and everywhere i go im learning the same information.

I have been told that the above cycle will be effective and will give me a solid lean build with not too many side effects.



"researched for 4 months," and you haven't figured out that tren and especially winny need to be taken on a daily basis?


True. I have read that they should be taken daily. But the guy i am buying them off said that because its my first cycle, i shouldnt over do it.

He said that if i feel i can up the dose with safe gains then by all means go for it.

So should i inject the amount above everyday or wot?
It would be a bit expensive though ya not think?


I dont like it

The 2 should be pinned at LEAST eod, preferably being ED injections for stable levels. tren can be very harsh and I would never advise it as a first timer. rethink this



Well....I know your not going to like this feedback but, you a little young to start a cycle...Your body right now is full of natural test..why not just push yourself and eat like a MF and see where that gets you...

Take it for whats its worth, your body.

If you insist though, what is the PCT? tren will shut your ass down so you better put some test in there.



Your suppliers info is a quite honestly crap. If you're planning on doing a cycle, always run your idea through a few people first. You're 19; do you have a particular reason for wanting to start so early? A year solid of training and diet can make noticeable changes to your physique w/o the use of drugs.

You'll be able to sepearte yourself from the crowd with just that. Age is not just the single determining factor, there is a multitude of factors that come into play when deciding when to start. Make sure you're ready.


Well i'm going to go through with it. Everybody is different.

What works for some people might not work for another so i think its time i just went for it.

No matter which steroid i have, i know the effects both positive and negative. Theres nothing out there that wont give me bad side effects, otherwise it would be a very easy decision.

My friend is in his third week of deca and sus but i dont really want the same things out of it as he does. But he is a beginner as well and i have learned that this is an intermediate cycle.

I will go ahead with the cycle i have chosen and i will keep you posted. Ill try and get some photos on as well.


Don't go through with the proposed cycle it's shit! If you're gonna do it, do it right. Also, have a workout plan laid out. If you don't plan your workouts you are not ready. If you don't keep track of sets, reps, tempo, rest-intervals and weight used I wouldn't pick up a needle.

Get a pen and some paper, and a Timex watch first. Start a food journal. If you can't keep track of all that crap you might want to rethink starting. Nonetheless good luck and keep us updated. Case studies can be an interesting read.


Well I tried....


At first i thought this was a joke, but realized it's just an far-from-educated cycle.

First off 100mg twice a week? Everyday-Every other day shots aren't just to get more dose in your system, it's to maintain stable blood levels so that you body and mind aren't on a roller coaster.

Depression one day, wanting to rip someone's head off the next - just saying, your hormones are swinging and so is your mood.

Tamoxifen during an Tren cycle? Though progesterone sides are rare enough, Nolvadex(tamo) increases progesterone receptor sensitivity, therefore sides - if prone. The dose is too small to be protective anyway.... Wait....

Your testosterone will be shut down to 0 anyway with the Tren and Stan fluctuating on a very steep wave. So I guess an AI isn't really needed. Replace the Tamoxifen with Cialis and an penis pump to get it hard during your cycle - after pumping, simply apply a cock ring and you'll be good to go until your exausted as you ain't cuming.

If you really want a very harsh on your system, mild cycle...????... Ummm.... Anyway, if you really want to run those two steroids together in low doses why don't you run them EOD at 60mg or ED at 30mg.

Then again you are going to completely shut down your body's endogenous production of testosterone so you might what to add at least the same amount of test to your cycle, screw that EQ mentality, use test. Then again, if I were to shut-down my system in search of mild gains I would use mild steroids.


So are you saying that I SHOULDNT take tren twice a week or not?

I am adding sustanon 250mg to my cycle and not using the winny until my fourth week.

Will this work in relation to not shutting my test down completely?

I'm stuck now because every where i read totally different things. Just as i am ready to start, i'm being told that i'm gonna screw it up and so i have to change my cycle plans, again.


The issue is the ester. Any Acetate has a half life of less than 36 hours. So you must inject every day to keep your blood levels stable, even doing to every other day you're taking about 2/3 to 3/4 of the product being gone by the next injection.

Now if you could find some Tren Enanthate then you could conceiveably get away with a bi-weekly injection protocol.

Friend, much of the help above is/was designed with your best interests in mind. Its true, its your body and you control what goes in it whether thats gear, cocaine, pop tarts or whatever. However, almost everyone above was steering you in the right direction.

I too would encourage you not to cycle yet. If you insist on it however, you will really be doing your body a disservice by injection Tren Ace just twice a week.


Why did you even post up here? Were you wanting everyone to say, "Great job bro...I hope you get really swole"?

You are running a shit cycle on the advice of a guy that knows dick about what he is selling.

Tren Ace should be injected every day.

Tren should not be part of your first cycle.

19 is too young, and 170 is too small.

Sustanon is crap.

You are playing with very very dangerous fire here. This is not the time to rely n your own hubris, and your dealer's stupidity.


Just because somebody is new to the site you shouldnt be looking down on them straight away as to say 'This guy is stupid, I know everything about steroids'.

All you do is shoot people down with your god damn negativity.

Was there not a time when you was asking questions, had a real thirst for knowledge?

Oooops I forgot, you know everything


Yes there was - but the difference between me and you is - I shut the fuck up and listened. That's the key to learning. You can't learn shit if your mouth is moving. I read several hours a day, for 5 months before I ever joined a forum, before I ever posted a question.

Maybe you should try that. If you have a problem with me - move the fuck on. I am not going anywhere, and if I see you spreading anymore of your newbie insights - yo can rest assured that I will tell everyone just how full of shit you are.

Take the advice that was given to me - "shut up, and color".


The only reason you did look at books is probably because there wasn't Information available on the internet back then like there is today. There weren't forums like there is now.

More and more information is being released all the time and different people say different things.

And as for the insults and foul language, it just shows me that you dont like someone challenging the information you give because you think that whatever Rainjack says Go's. Get a Life


I hasn't been that long ago - sparky.

You have yet to challenge me on anything. You run your mouth to see if anyone will agree with just how cool you are. It won't happen here.

I am not insulting you. You are the one that started in with the "you think you know everything" bullshit. You are a punk ass kid. That is a fact. You know dick about AAS - that is a fact. You have no clue how to show respect. That is a fact. I have a responsibility here to make sure disrespectful punk-asses that know dick about AAS are kept at bay.

I learned everything I know from reading on the internet mostly, followed by books, and then by asking intelligent questions and showing respect to those that knew more than I did.

You have done none of those things. In fact - your first post suggests that you listen to your fucking dealer which is that last place one should go to seek advice.

But just to correct you - I don't have a problem being challenged. I disagree with many folks on here - and they disagree with me. The difference is - they have my respect, and I have theirs.

I have a problem with punk-asses like you that think they know shit when it is obvious from about a mile away that you could fit your entire knowledge base into an extra small condom, and still have more than enough room for your pecker.

You have yet to offer any disagreement with what I have said. If you think I am wrong about something - I beg you to tell me what it is. Please. Lay it out for everyone to see and tell me, point by point, where I am wrong.

I will bet cash money you will ignore this and tell me to get a life. Oooops - you already have. Now run along. I bet your 170 pound frame needs a good meal about now.