First Cycle: Tren E, Test E, Nolva PCT

I have a couple questions, I’m 4 weeks into my first cycle, using test e and tren e. I’ve never been a big weight lifter, as I was a runner the majority of my athletic career. Now I would like to bulk up so I started a cycle, I was initially only going to run test through my first cycle, but my buddy talked to me into the tren. (Smart, I know.)

My schedule is as follows:

Weeks 1-2: test e - 250mg (twice a week)
Weeks 2-4: test e - 250mg, tren e - 200mg (twice a week)
Weeks 4-10: test e - 200mg, tren e - 250mg (twice a week)
Weeks 10-12: test e - 250mg (twice a week)

4 week Pct: Nolva - 20mg a day

I do feel great right now, and I didn’t plan on running an HCG since he doesn’t and has never had any problems with nolva as a pct. just looking for some advice on tweaking my cycle for my next run, which leads into my next question. How long should I cycle off before I cycle back on again?


Anyone alive? Lol

Your tren a should be 300 mg a week. 100mg eod, test e is good at 500mg but you can run it at 750mg a week.