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First Cycle: Tren E 250 and Test Cyp 250


This is my 1st cycle, i am using tren e and test cyp .5 cc each in 1 syringe.

If you could give me any suggestions, do’s and don’ts, what to watch out for, pct, etc. I would really appreciate it.

I hope you all are staying healthy and safe during these crazy times!

Thank you!


  1. Not knowing enough to lay out a PCT for others to critique

  2. Using more than one compound

  3. Not being aware of the potential ramifications

  4. Not being old or advanced enough (per example at 22 years old, 6’ and 175-185 lbs with 12% BF you’re not at all ready)

  5. Not reading general guidelines for a first cycle (what to use, how long, how to PCT,…) => search the forum

  6. Using nandrolone on any of your cycles (at least that’s my opinion)


  1. Train right and eat properly for at least 4-6 years consistently and have the gainz to show that you did

  2. Read a few “first cycle” threads and gather some information

  3. Read a few studies and articles on consequences of steroid use

  4. Lay out a complete cycle, bridge, PCT and diet and post it for others to critique it

  5. Get bloods before, during and after the cycle


How much are you planning on taking of each per week? Title says 250mg but .5mL would mean it’s 500mg/mL strength?

Hey man, thank you for the in depth explanation and critique, I am just trying to do the best with what I am got at 48…I have been in reasonably good shape for years.

Bloodwork came back fine and getting next round in 2 weeks.

I only have the 1 vial of test and tren, with injecting. 5 CCs per week of each…i was going to adjust my routine depending on the input.

Hey man, I’m injecting .5 CCs of each per week

By the way, when do i need to start a pct?

I appreciate your patience with me, im 48 and just looking for gains i can maintain after a cycle or a 2.

This doesn’t mean anything without knowing the concentration of your meds. Standard 250mg/mL for test would mean you’re injecting 125mg. Is it dosed at 500mg/mL?

Drop the Tren, do 250mg per week of test for 8-12 weeks, wait 3-4 weeks, then do 4-6 weeks PCT

I think he’s saying he has 1 vial each of Tren E 250 and Test Cyp 250. So .5cc would only be 125 mg of each once a week, or about 1/2 the absolute minimum of each to make it worthwhile.

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That makes more sense, but then the title doesn’t.

I’ve only seen tren e at 200 mg/ml, but I’m sure someone makes 250.

Yes it is at 250mg

1st of all thank you guys so much!
2nd I am looking at doing the minimum for Tren to get its benefits with minimal chances of side effects. I know there’s a risk but if I don’t push it I should be ok.
I have done Test with no problems.
Last question, I have 1mg ananstrozole, should i take that IF i get sore nipples as I have heard or as a part of my PCT regimen following 6 weeks of tren & test?

AGAIN, thank you all for your feedback!

oh and if I stick with 325 mg of each per week for 6 weeks, that should be good right?

Sorry for sounding so iunknowledgeable but I am just looking to get good gains without hurting myself.

No man. You don’t take it for PCT and you don’t take it for sore nipples.
If you get Gyno (and that doesn’t mean sore nipples! That’s normal on cycle) you take tamoxifen 20 mg/day.
You take the AI only when you feel high estrogen emotional sides, your dick goes limp AND your labs show that it’s high estrogen.

What is your PCT? Here, the standard recommendation is a Tamoxifen PCT.

I think you are making a mistake with Tren. 325 mg isn’t a very small dose either (granted it’s not high).
I don’t understand why you wouldn’t just skip the Tren and keep it for your 5th cycle.
It’s harsh on the body, it has many side effects, it causes prolactin issues and more.
I don’t think it’s controllable for a first timer. How would you know if your nipple growth comes from high E2 or high Prolactin? You take bloods and then tackle what’s high first. But what if your E2 isn’t causing the issue but is still high and you’d know that if you had run test at 325 mg for your first cycle?
You got too many variables to get the best out of the risk.

these guys can all sugarcoat it for ya but wtf …you’re all over the place . You say this is your first cycle then u say its not , you say 250 /250 but what the fuck is that , you don’t say how many times your injecting, do some research !! You have no clue about what to do . You sound like a troll to me .

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Good morning brother, and yeah dude I admit I might not be the most knowledgeable when it comes to this…but I assure you I am not trolling anyone! The bottles say 250 mg on tren e and test cyp, and i have injected only .5 CCs the first time and 3 days later injected 1 cc of each to make it 375 mg of each Total for week 1.

I was planning on 6 weeks of that and then a PCT after. Is Tren that bad as I dont see it in what I read, of course I admit I am not as knowledgable I just wanted to get gains I can keep with the righr regimen.

Sorry for being a noob brother, but know that I absolutely appreciate all the best advice and just trying to do thw right things!

Are you married or in a relationship or a father? I ask because Tren can change you in ways you won’t recognize but those around you will. It also causes insomnia and terrible night sweats (think waking up drenched and in wet sheets). You could ruin those relationships all while feeling like a teenager with a raging appetite and an hard on to boot.

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You mention this is a first cycle, as in first cycle of Tren? So you have used Test previously as part of TRT or just another cycle?

Just curious your line of thought here. How did you conclude you’ll be fine after 6 weeks of 325 mg/week of Tren E (if that’s actually what it is) + 325 mg/week of TC?

At 48 yrs young, I’d like to better understand your long term plan for just dealing with 325 mg/week of TC for 6 weeks? Forget the Tren E. You realize you have a reasonable chance of long term if not permanent HPTA suppression? Are you going on TRT after this? And this would be best case.

Have you ever experienced a testosterone level of 87 ng/dL? Do you know what that feels like?

I don’t know why you’d do only 6 weeks? Do you want to dabble in steroids to get a glimpse of how a real cycle feels like?
I think you would be way better off if you’d just took the 500 mg test for 12 weeks as your cycle.


Is there a way to actually have a conversation with someone, I would really appreciate it!

I just wanted to get some gains and maintain, and I am even more discouraged than before.

Im hesitant to leave my number but I now think that I am stuck!