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First Cycle, Training for 12 Years


Hi, I'm about to start my first cycle. I'm 36, 5'9" 190lbs been training for about 12 years. Kind of lean, stay active. I got my hands on test cyp 250 ovinum and hcg. Having a problem finding arimidex. I'm doing just a test only cycle first time around. For 10 weeks.

The test I got is good stuff mfr out of florida. The ancillaries are from china. Most people tell me I won't need anything as far as ancillaries since I'm just doing test. I'm looking to put on about 10 lbs of muscle. My diet is 200 g of protein a day. Carbs only come from green vegetables, brown rice, wheat couscous, sweet potatoe. All lean meats.

Can I expect to keep 10 lbs of muscle first time around and should I wait to get my hands on arimidex?


wait to get your hands on adex, use .5mg EOD

use 500mg or more of the test C per week for 10 or so weeks

hcg 250iu 2x a week ending before pct begins

ovinum 100/100/50/50 or so

how much you gain is dependent on how dialed in your diet and training are


I think the main thing he wanted to know how much will he keep. I know you are more experanced in the knolage of this. But would you say if he does his pct right he could keep up to 80% of his gains


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