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First Cycle, Too Much?

I posted before about a cutting cycle and got some great feedback but, after much consideration and change in body comp I have changed my mind about what to run, I am now looking into this

Wk 1-2

Sus 1000mg wk

Wk 3-8

Sus 500mg/wk
Winny 50mg/day
Proviron 25mg/day

winny 50mg/ED
Proviron 25Mg/ED


Wk 11
Clomid 150mg/day

Wk 12
Clomid 100mg/day

Wk 11-12
Clomid 50 mg/day

Novlvadex 20mg throughout

this would be my first cycle, wondering if the frontload was too much at the first 2 weeks and if this was overal too much for a first timer.

will not be running cycle till around mid Jan.
6’4" 287lbs about 15-16%BF down from about 20% still dropping. training for long time but only last year or so very intelligently.
injured lower back and have been in PT so squat and deadlift have been out for a bit but other lifts coming back nicely. the thing I am worried about most is whether this would be too much for a first timer, maybe I should lower the sust to 250 with a 500mg frontload any help much appreciated, I know I went through this before but it seems like the more I learn and read the less I know.

looks good to me.