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First Cycle to Get Shredded for a Show


I am 19, have been working out since i was 13, started weights when i was 14, i want to take part in a bodybuilding show in november and want to get shredded for it but am having difficulty in getting a 6 pack which i think is absolutely essential.

i will be a responsible user, i only want to do it this one time to get shredded, and to look good in all the pictures that will be taken after the competition.
I do not want to use juice to bulk, as i am not going to use it regularly, and when one stops taking it, they lose the weight so its pointless.

Also, i would love it if i didnt have to inject myself...
i did research and i think winstrol in pill form sounds like a good option...

please help me guys.

also, im 5'10, 74 kilograms and about 14-16% bodyfat


Punch yourself. Punch yourself right in the face.

Then ask yourself: what kind of bodybuilder would struggle to get a 6 pack?

Then punch yourself in the face again. Continue to do so until you black out.


You a fucking pussy op. You 15% body fat according to you which according to much better physique athletes than me means you are closer to 17%. Your 5'10" 165lbs and not even a lean 165. If you decide to compete which you should not your going to weigh close to 150lbs if not 145 to be in any kind of shape to get on stage conditioning wise.

You will be a skinny small unimpressive fuck that had no place to step on stage... You know kinda like now but you will weigh less. Secondly you have been training for 5 years and have pretty much nothing to show for it. You need to learn to eat and train. Once you kinda have a clue what you are doing in the gym then maybe you can consider running gear. Not a winistrol oral only cycle. If you are to much of a pussy to pin and run a proper cycle you are too much of a pussy to compete in the first place.


Compete naturaly first if you can commit to a proper prep then maybe try it with gear down the track trust me man prepping for a show is hard mentaly and physically and not matter what your taking the drugs wont do it for you


he would be like me but shorter hahaha agreed would look ridiculous


Then why are YOU using aas?

EDIT: don't worry just read your other thread lol