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First Cycle to Get Back on Track for Hypopituitarism

Quick Summary: I’m 25. Brain tumor when I was 2, dr removed my whole pituitary gland, been on replacement hormones my whole life. Haven’t had HGH in a year due to insurance comp screwing me. Have been into fitness on and off due to car crashes and now this scenario for total of 7 years. Deadlifted 500/ Benched 300/ Only squat 225 for reps due to herniated discs, but highest ever was 385 in my 3rd yr of training after first car accident.
I take 200mg p/wk of cyp to have normal test lvls. Due to not being able to really workout without any HGH at all I’ve thus turned into shit, imo. My plan once I get my HGH back is such:
200mg twice p/wk: mon & thurs of cypionate
1.2mg of Norditropin daily.
My problem is not knowing what to do on the estrogen blocker side. Right now I have androst-3, 5-dien-7, 17-dione That I purchased from a local mom & pop, but I’m thinking I’ll need something more serious.
After the cycle I’ll have to come back down to taking 200mg once a week of test so just keep in mind that without taking anything I’m at a test level of 0.
I’d also like to add something to lean out. Only thing I’ve been doing is light cardio which I’ll be adding more once I get HGH and my body can dissipate the lactic acid.

I’ve never cycled and I just want to get back on track and come close to where I was before. I’ve worked through a lot of pain and a lot of setbacks, but this is by far the biggest. I feel robbed of my hard work and I want it back.
Thanks for the help

Bro, I consider myself pretty fkn determined and resilient but you sir are a beast. I probably would have gone full lamo mode and used all of that as an excuse to sit on the couch and play video games and drink beer every day.

How many IUs is 1.2mg? NEVERMIND it is roughly 4IU

As for the prohormones I know nothing about them, but if you could get arimidex I assume that would be better. I also think that you shouldn’t start taking the armidex unless you need it (but have it on hand).

In my head I like taking the test every 3 days OR every 4 days not twice a week. In my head that is more consistent.

Also you can deadlift but not squat? I think a form check might be in order. Have you considered front squating?

Thanks for the reply man. I know arimidex is pretty price. I was hoping you would just say stick with nova lol. Right now for just normal levels I take it once a week just because it’s easier. On the cycle I’d be taking it every 3-4 days. In regards to the deadlift/squat. I got this all the time from my friends. When I deadlift it’s muscles that are lifting the weight and my spine doesn’t actually move, nor is there any pressure being applied to my spine directly. When I squat I have the weight on top so it’s compressing my spine. When I reach full depth and start coming up, it hits max compression and I feel an immediate sharp pain that usually puts me out of the gym for a good 3 days. I’ve tried to get around it and keep squatting but no matter what I do. 225+ right at the but wink I get a sharp pain.