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First Cycle to Fill Out Loose Skin

So, I decided I am going to swipe my natty card and try out a 12-15 week Test E @ 500mg basic cycle, to fill out my loose skin.

Cycle looks good but it wouldn’t be my first approach for loose skin. I say this because you’re bound to fill in with not only larger muscles, but SQ water as well. When you’re off cycle, you’re going to lose some of that, keeping the loose skin there, and possibly stretching it more.

I’d try various things to naturally tighten the skin, starting with losing fat (also attempting to get that bench up slightly in my opinion too). I’d supplement collagen as it’s shown to tighten skin as well as take the coldest showers possible or take ice baths every once in a while. Tanning will also tighten skin.

Once it’s not as loose, try that cycle plan out and the end results will probably be much more satisfying.

You’re being a bit overdramatic -fat/very husky but not morbidly obese. I really struggle to believe you have that much loose skin.

Try training abs very heavy before hitting up gear. These tips should help…

This hit home for me. I am 5’11 and by the junior year of high school I was 235 to 240 and when I say not a lick of muscle I mean I couldn’t even do one half ass push up.
I started eating better senior year and exercising some. I was at what can only be termed a behavior modification camp for teens, basically boys home mixed with wanna be 24 hour a day group therapy and a lick of boot camp thrown in for good measure.
I went to college and started working out. Now it took years to find out what worked for me to get results. I ended up serving in the Army after college. What I am getting at is I have been working out since high school but it’s been various forms of exertion. I am now mid 30s, 36 to be exact. And if anyone should have end up with loose skin then it is me. I didn’t start getting BIG until late 20 like 27-28 and I didn’t get lean until 32-33.

It’s going to take time for that muscle to develope so the skin can hang and set in a way that doesn’t show that baggy looseness. For me I know I had to get my back big to pull the skin tighter in the front. I had to develope my shoulders and upper body to pull the skin up and get rid of the paunch in the belly. Doing lots of legs will also help with the belly and lower back fat sag.

What I am getting at is you are not stuck with saggy baggy skin but it’s going to take time to develop the muscle to fill it out. Once you get to the point where it all is pretty close and there are just a few little areas where it’s still loose then that is the time to cut hard. Think about it if you force your skin to dip into the striations of the muscle you are creating more surface area with the same general size of muscle. It’s like our brains it’s the surface of the brain with the connections and in order to creat more surface area it deveped into all the ridges and folds. If I remember correctly if streched out our brains are about the size or same surface area as a common pillow case.

All that said you have already made exceptional progress!! It’s definitely time to develop muscle mass but are you at the point where any more progress would require AAS? I don’t think you are yet. If you hit it hard then maybe a year from now when you are sitting around 195-200 and around 12 % or preferably lower then it would be time to require AAS for the next big step.

It just takes time and you are already making exceptionally fast progress. Don’t get a head of yourself and do something to set yourself back.

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I forgot to put that I am currently 235 and well below 10%. I’d say around 210 at 12-15% I had the loose saggy skin under control and it wasn’t obvious.