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First Cycle Tips? Test & Anavar

God Bless his soul

Lmao that sounds like a wild time. Either way your nuts will shrink but that sounds extreme. It’s really that strong eh?

It keeps them nice & full. Nobody wants grape nuts on a cycle. Chics dont like it and its painful. Other guys can get into the science of hcg… But personally Id never cycle without it.

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Well if you need surgery mine turned out great barely hurt took like 23-24 days I was like healed. It’s been a few months I feel great. Surgery here in the USA $5,000 everything included if you have actual glandular tissue I do recommend it. I also agree I was 17 I was going through a lot of hormonal changes silly on my part and probably a huge factor as to why my body reacted like that! That does make me feel better honestly though because I have fear I could stimulate old gland growth of whatever little bit of old glandular tissue that could possibly still be in there. Also then again I highly blame the strange prohormone compound that was replacing my natural test so God knows what it was doing. Your body needs testosterone naturally to function so mine was probably minimal. At that time I didn’t know every cycle should have at least a TRT/HRT dose.

Hahahaha ! That also makes me feel better to me it sounds necessary I’m sure it helps! I don’t want small nuts if I can prevent it

Thankfully mine is just some puffy nipple stuff, that I will certainly take care of in another year or so. I figured I would run a few cycles in my early 30s, see how my body reacts, and then have it done after. That way I don’t risk having it come back after surgery, and I’ll know what compounds my body can handle without gyno risks.

I totally get your fear though. Just another reason to keep things simple!

Yeah I don’t think I’ll get it again but Nolva sounds like the way at this point. Better be safe than sorry that shit killed my confidence hard. I don’t think I’ll ever dabble around with anything that may cause gyno other than Test. Win & Mast sounds great & var. Other than that I probably wouldn’t do it