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First Cycle Tips? Test & Anavar

Let me know how my first cycle sounds

Wk 1-16 Test E 500mg total pinning twice a week.
Wk 10-16 Anavar 50mg a day.
Week 1-16 500iu HCG twice a week
Week 1-21 Nolva 20mg a day while on cycle then week 16+ 40/40/20/20/20
Week 16-21 Clomid 100mg a day for 5 weeks
Week 1-16 Arimadex .5mg everyother day or every three days.

Let me know if something should be tweaked or if these sounds OK for a first cycle

Anybody? Is 16 weeks too long? I was led to believe that moderate Test only cycles weren’t hard to come back from. I wanted to throw in the Var at the end of the cycle depending on how I felt since it being very mild side effect wise. With proper pct I should be able to bounce back from this. Should I cut the var? I want a killer first cycle

Drop the clomid and lower the arimadex dose IMO. Looks good other than that. Not a fan of HCG either but you can run it.

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Drop the Clomid from my pct? Also I figured the HCG would keep my testies from atrophy then when I come off HCG run the Clomid. From my understanding HCG mimics LH? And Clomid tells your body to produce LH

I’m just looking for a smooth quick recovery

So lower the arimadex dose? .5 every three days or .25 every other day better?

You’re running Nolvadex, you don’t need Clomid. Duplication of purpose post cycle. The nolva will stave off possible gyno on cycle, so the arimidex is really only as needed and depending on how much you bloat and what side you see. You might get y fine using no AI at all, especially once you throw in the Anavar.
That’s too much Clomid for that long anyway, you shouldn’t need 100mg for more than 2 weeks, and that’s only if you weren’t running Nolva.
First cycle really ought to be Test only, you have a lot of variables in there to figure out for a first go. You don’t know how you react to what yet.

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Thanks. Also I agree about the many variables. That’s why I may throw in the var week 10 depending how I’m feeling. 10 weeks in do you think that should be long enough to gauge myself. Basically I’d be taking 500 Test w/HCG plus 20mg Nolva a day while on & quite possibly may not need Arimadex. But will keep the Arimadex on hand Incase I run into sides. Truthfully I want to run the least amount of stuff that I can. Except I really want the var if I can’t handle it I’ll drop it which is good it’s an oral so I can drop it whenever if needed so I won’t be loaded up on a pin for awhile

Plenty of guys do not tolerate HCG, so there’s that consideration. You don’t really hit until wek 6 with the Test. Sure, you’ll feel it right away but it is uphill until week 6 when it levels out. So at week 10 you’ve really only been at a stable level for 4 weeks. If you’ve never done anything, it’s going to be all over the place for you that first time and it’s hard to know what causes what and what to do about it.

Less is more for a first cycle IMO. I put on 22lbs on just Test 500mg weekly for 10 weeks.

If this is your first cycle, running nolva entire cycle, HCG, clomid and nolva pct, then what does your 2nd and 3rd cycle look like? Get all the gains that you can from test only, see how your body feels and how your body recovers.

Your concern is bounce back of your natty levels post cycle, run just test and see how your body recovers. Then run longer and more second go.

Both test cycles I’ve ran, weeks 9-12 I really didn’t gain much at all personally. Running even longer for a first cycle also just seems like adding more variable.

Best of luck, doesn’t look bad minus the Adex and clomid which others have mentioned. Just think about how you will need to progress in future cycles and how much more you will need to take potentially.

I definitely agree with your points. I felt it wasn’t very extreme most guys are like first cycle: 1,000 Test 600 mast 400eq hahaha. I though 500 Test throw in some oral var at the end wouldn’t be to bad

Also for future cycles I’d probably run something as so again

first cycle recommendations are almost always test 500 alone. The gains you can get from just that on a first time cycle are great. I kept 12lbs of that 22, and my diet went to shit after due to an unforeseen move cross country 3 weeks after my last pin. No excuses, but I was pretty happy with what I maintained.

The other benefit to Test only... many folks can get away with no AI. That means less compounds in your body. 

Keep an AI on hand, but you could start with nothing but Test and possibly need nothing else but Nolva for PCT.

Save money, save potential headache of your host having a bad reaction and not knowing what caused it, and save your body from putting more into it than you probably need for a first run.

Again, just my personal opinion. I’m no expert and only two cycles further than you. Just what I’ve gathered the last few years. Less can be more sometimes.

Best of luck whatever path you choose!

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Since it’s first cycle & I doubt it will be yur last my advice is enjoy the 20lbs you put on test only scrap the var.
After cycle pct & go naty for 3 months then run the var Ed for 10 weeks plus 1ml test prop EOD…it will be a great cut cycle & yull get nice lean gains.
Not sure on the Nolva clomid stuff but 500 twice a week HCG is over kill… 500 is plenty


Thank you! I think my body will have a great response. If I didn’t have to run Nolva I wouldn’t but I got gyno from a prohormone when I was 17 only 4-5 weeks in cycle. Stopped use as soon as gyno appeared. I’ve since had my glands removed and I’m 23 now I know I’m young and this is my “first cycle” since I don’t count that as being a cycle. It was two different analogs of dbol. I thought all the bloat and water weight was normal woke up to sore tits one day lmao. Long story short I want to run Nolva all the way even though 99% of my glands are removed I don’t want to go through that over again!!! But I’m sure it has a lot to do with the messed up crap I was taking, no test just some random oral dbol like prohormone

Yeah Rich Piana says people take way to little of HCG. His protocol was like 5,000iu EOD or something crazy for PCT for like a month. Some people told me 1,000 twice a week while some said 250 twice a week. I went 500 twice a week while on cycle but it may change I don’t want to be taking way to much stuff all at once. I can pin the HCG with the test correct?

Yes, they can be pinned together.

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I don’t have experience with prohormones… but I had bad gyno as a kid that never got better. However, I can run Test E 500 weekly and DBol 30mg daily and not have any gyno issues.

Might not necessarily NEED Nolva. You ran that stuff at 17, your body was still undergoing changes.

I’m not saying don’t take it, but you could try to wait for symptoms. Otherwise, every cycle going forward you will just continue to throw extra Nolva at an issue that you might not even have.

Keep it simple this first time. Keep Test E 500 weekly, and have Nolva and an AI on hand if needed. Get lab work done, and just stay aware of your body. I think you’re asking for trouble adding all this other stuff for your first cycle.

Yes… I like Rich too RIP but remember he blew his heart like tire…
On 500 test 250x a week is fine… Personally I just pin 250 when my nuts ache or shrink. Ive never ran more then 750 in a week before. Only reason id run 1000 is if I was in bukake porn & had to give a chic a massive facial :sweat_drops:

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