First Cycle Thoughts

I am planning on starting a cycle up soon (questions at bottom) and I wanted to get everyone’s thoughts, opinions, and suggestions before I get started and take the plunge. I have been reading around this site (cortes’ first cycle thread (very inspiring), and prisoner#22’s test tapering thread among other places) for the last few weeks now, and have picked up bits and pieces to incorporate into my cycle. Well, before I put you all to sleep with my endless rambling, here is what I am planning (drum roll noise):

Week 1-12___Test-E______250mgE3D
Week 1-4____Dbol________40mgED (10mg 4XD)
Week 1-12___A-dex_______0.25mgED

PCT (weeks 13 on up, but starting at 1 for convenience)
Week 1-6____Test-E____100mgEW
Week 1-3____A-dex_____0.25mgEOD
Week 4-6____A-dex_____0.00mg (nova on hand if needed)
Week 7-12___Test-E____80EW,60EW,40EW,50EW,30EW,20EW (mgs)

Priorities: Strength, size

Comments: I am looking forward to experimenting with my cycle once i get into the 8th week. Dependant upon my body’s rxn, I may up the test to (300mgE3D) along with upping the d-bol to 60mg/day… But, as I said, I will wait and see how things go.


  1. I know prisoner, in his taper thread, talks about cutting back to 100mg at the end of the cycle because this allows must people to start regaining natural testosterone levels. Now, would it be easier on the body if one were to gradually cut down from 600mg to 100mg? I know natural testosterone levels would still be stagnant, but would it benefit in any way? Perhaps going 600mg to 400mg to 100mg or is this just being stupid?
  2. Does icing location before injection help at all? I was thinking more along the lines of numbing the pain (yes, I know i am a big sissy).
  3. In one article I was reading, them mentioned adding b12 to the injection. Is this something i should neglect for my first cycle?
  4. I am a big fan of KISS (keep it simple stupid), so I would like to live up to that. On the other hand, I want to be sure I am not neglecting anything. Any other suggestions that you think would help benefit me?
  1. Rather than try to ramp the amount down, what you could do instead is cut those 6 weeks of 100mg/wk down to 4 as you cycle isnt an extremely high dose in compared to others.
  2. Dont bother with the icing. Waste of time for how little numbing benefit it may have.
  3. No need to overcomplicate things. If your research hasnt determined that you will benefit from it then keep researching for the next round.
  4. Benefit from this. Dont screw with dosages depending on how you feel or what you think mid cycle. Make a plan and stick to it.

And drop the adex before the taper.
.25mg of teh adex EOD should be plenty throughout the cycle with the dosage that you are running. No need for more than that as too little estrogen will hinder your gains.