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First Cycle Thoughts

Hi everyone,

I’ve been lurking around the forums for awhile but only decided to join today as I’m in the process of setting up my first cycle. For a quick background, I’m 33, been lifting since I was 25, and as I see my training windows diminishing (marriage, house, the works), I decided to make the most of the next few training years. With that in mind, I did some research and started putting together a simple cycle, for which I need some advice from the experienced people:

Weeks 1-8
Test Prop 200mg EOD - cycle base
Aromasin 12.5mg EOD - AI
HCGenerate ES 5 caps ED - test lvl support (instead of hCG)

Weeks 3-8
Anavar 60mg ED

Weeks 3,4,7,8
Clen 40mcg ED

Weeks 1-2
Cardarine 20mg ED
HCGenerate ES 5 caps ED

Weeks 3-7
Clomid 50/50/25/25/12.5
Nolvadex 40/20/20/20/10
Cardarine 20mg ED
Ostarine 25/25/25/12.5/none
N2Guard 4 caps ED

My questions here are:

  1. Is HCGenerate ES a reasonably good substitute for hCG over an 8 week cycle?
  2. Should I run HCGenerate ES in the PCT as well (the first 2 weeks)
  3. How soon after the last pinning should I start PCT? I’m seeing a lot of conflicting information
  4. Cardarine & Ostarine - am I over-engineering my PCT here or is this sensible?

Like I said, I’m designing my first cycle so feel free to rip it to shreds if it’s not making sense, but also, if you can, please give some constructive feedback as well

Thanks in advance!

If I was you I’d run test e or test c as it only needs to be pinned 2xpw. I’d drop the var (it can absolutely wreck your lipid panel and for a 1st cycle test is good enough). Drop the clen, Hcgenerate if I’m not mistaken is an otc test booster, if that is the case then it will do jack shit while you are on. Hcg isn’t nessecary, it just keeps your testis producing intra testicular testosterone while on cycle (but hcg is also suppressive, don’t use during pct). If using test prop Pct should be started a couple days after last shot, if test E or test C pct should be started 2-3 weeks after last shot. This means there is no need for nolva or clomid during weeks 3-7 (those are pct drugs). I’d do a lot more research on this if I were you, there are definite risks to steroid use that you may be unaware of and uncomfortable with. Don’t use cardarine, that shit isn’t safe at all #rapidcancergrowth. Also drop the ostarine, sarms have very little clinical data backing their safety.

This is a total goddamn mess.

Here are the answers to your questions:

  1. No. Absolutely not.
  2. No
  3. For test prop you can start a week after your last pin
  4. Ostarine will not help you unless you’re a woman with stress urinary incontinence; cardarine was suspended from clinical trials because it caused massive, rapid growth of cancerous tumors

The amount of money you’re planning on wasting on HCGenerate and N2Guard makes me cringe. Stop getting information from steroidology and/or Evo.

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Thanks for this - as you correctly guessed I’ve been talking to people on both, plus another few, and that’s why I’m here now - to try to establish and understand what makes and what doesn’t make sense, as well as to uncouple bullshit from science. My initial idea was a simpler cycle & PCT comprised of test during the cycle and nolva+clomid as PCT, no Cardarine and Ostarine or N2Guard. I haven’t dropped money on anything yet - not planning until I’ve got the cycle nailed down 100%. I’ve been around T-N since I started lifting and I respect the crowd here quite a bit which is why I look forward to hearing more and learning how to prepare a good first cycle. Thanks again, and, by all means, please add any additional information you think could be useful!

I’m not going to beat a dead horse here but you said you did a bit of research; what made you choose to these compounds instead of the traditional Test C @ 500mg/wk that is the gold standard of first cycles?

My concern is that since this is your first cycle how do you plan to diagnose side effect issues if you have no experience with any of these compounds in your body? Running a single compound takes all the guesswork out of it since you’ll know immediately what’s to blame.
If you’re going to be throwing Clen into the mix why not start it immediately rather than waiting? Any extra body fat you have is only going to complicate your desire to control aromatization so I would prefer to be lowering my body fat well before introducing AAS not after. I would also suggest starting with a smaller dose of Clen to start in order to test your body’s reaction to it and I would like to see the dosages split into multiple time a day (e.g. 20mcg 2x/day)
Lastly I’m obligated to mention blood tests……get them before and after your cycle at a minimum and preferably one during as well so you can adjust AI intelligently.

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