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First Cycle Thoughts?


Hello! I have been training for the past few years and have had the curiosity of using AAS since about the age of 20. I knew that was wayyy too young and decided against it. Anyways, I am now 25 years old and am thinking of starting my first cycle in a few months. Right now I am looking for advice and doing research on AAS use, so I know exactly what I am doing when the time comes for my first injection.

My goal is to gain lean muscle and lose a bit more body fat.

My diet has been low carb/high protein/med fat.

Below is the cycle I have been looking into taking to meet my goal.

WEEKS 1- 6: Tren Ace 75mg Every Other Day
WEEKS 1- 6: T3 50-75mcg Every Day
WEEKS 1- 8: Test Prop 50mg Every Other Day
WEEKS 1- 8: HCG 300-500iu Every 4-5 days
WEEKS 1-10: Clen 80-100mcg 14 days ON, 14 days OFF
WEEKS 1-10: Armidex 0.25mg Every day
WEEK 9: 40mg Nolva/100mg Clomid Every Day
WEEK 10: 30mg Nolva/ 50mg Clomid Every Day
WEEK 11: 20mg Nolva/ 50mg Clomid Every Day

Now a few questions that I do have. I was reading that to maintain sex drive it may be better to pin everyday as opposed to every other day?

Do I need to take caber while I am taking tren or just have it on hand?

Are all of these compounds ok to use?

I know some people believe that only Test should be used for my first cycle and others say that any compound is ok.

Attached is a picture of where I currently am physically.


dang, that’s a helluva first cycle…

IMO, i’d suggest running a much more basic cycle…

Week 1-10
Test E/cyp-500 mg
A-dex-.25 mg EOD (adjust as needed)

Week 11-12

Week 13-18
Nolva-20 mg/night

that’s it.

while your proposed cycle looks good, you’re suggesting pinning 4 times a week, and you haven’t even done it yet. it’s not a huge deal, but some guys really freak out about it. mentally, starting with less frequent injections causes a lot less anxiety for some…

you also look relatively lean in that pic, but also kinda scrawny. i’m not saying you need to bloat up on this cycle, but doing a clean bulk might be a better idea. i wouldn’t suggest a guy your size take T3, unless you simply needed to drop a shitload of weight no matter what…

as far as the PCT, i do not suggest running clomid and nolva together, and especially not at high doses. one or the other typically works just fine. however, they need a little time to work… 4 weeks is common, but i frankly don’t know why. 6 weeks (or more) is just fine… sometimes you can’t rush PCT.

it’s very common for more experienced guys on this forum to recommend a test only first cycle, and there are a lot of reasons for that.

-it’s simple. testosterone is easy for your body to deal with, and causes relatively few sides.
-some people simply can’t take androgens. we have had guys here that had to stop a basic cycle due to sky-high blood pressure, etc… but if you throw a ton of drugs in the mix, you don’t really know which caused the issues.
-it works. seriously, it you eat right and train hard, you can expect solid gains that you can retain for a long time, and it won’t cost you a ton of money.



^here are a couple studies that show what you can expect from a moderate dose of testosterone by itself.


So you have never cycled and you think a good idea would be to put 6 exogenous substances into your body the first time you try? Apart from that you want to play with your thyroids and you want to put tren into your system which is a pretty hard AAS? As cyclo mentioned, what happens if you start getting sides? How will you know from what drug it is?

Keep it simple the first time… Progressively add substances each cycle so you know how your body responds. I ran my first cycle of prop and dbol and I responded fantastic. Then I ran EQ on my second cycle and had BP problems. I knew immediately it was the EQ and when I stopped it my BP came back down. Had I thrown a bunch of stuff in how would I ever have known what was hurting me?

I’d suggest you do test only or test dbol. You don’t need to put all that shit into your body to get your goals. Focus on your diet and training.