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First Cycle: Thoughts? Macros?

Hey guys I am 25 years old 6’1" 185 lbs. ~15% body fat

Here is my cycle:
Weeks 1-12 Test E 2x a week @ 250mg each dose for 500mg/week.
Weeks 2-14 Deca D. 2x a week @ 300mg each dose for 600mg/ week.

2 HCG doses @ 5000ius each
**When should I begin these doses and how far apart?

20 Clomid @ 50mg each
**When should I begin these doses and how far apart?

I am so far 1 week into the cycle. This cycle was given to me by a close friend who has years of experience. With these types of things. He is now out of the country competing and I am having a hard time reaching him For more questions.

I am also just curious what you guys think my macros/diet should look like and when it should begin?I have an idea but am going to start tracking them in the next day.

Also will I need any more for PCT?

From what you have written it appears that you have very little understanding of the drugs you are using. You should spend some time educating yourself - There are some threads in this forum that are a good place to start.

I have never used deca and for a first cycle i think it is a terrible idea. You might need something to control prolactin. Also i think it has a longer half life than the test so you stop using it a week before the test. Stop deca 3 weeks before pct and test 2 weeks before pct. As i mentioned i have never really looked into using deca so i am not 100% on this.

You also need an Aromatase Inhibitor to control your estrogen.

HCG is best used during the cycle not for PCT. 250iu 2/week

If you ran the clomid @ 50mg/day you won’t have enough to even do a 3 week PCT. 4 weeks should be the minimum, 6 would be better. You might be able to run the clomid @ 25mg/day but i use nolva so do not know how effective this would be.

My advise would be to stop the cycle now, research AAS so that you understand how the HPTA works and how these drugs affect it and whilst doing this improve your physique naturally. Given your current stats you have loads of progress to make before considering AAS. 185lb 6’1" @ 15% is not a good place to start from and steroids will not help you if you do not have the basics of diet and training in place.


It is really the wrong time to ready, fire, aim! “My friend gave me gear!”

You do not want to ever be on deca only, should be finishing on T only.

If you trash your HPTA, there is a HPTA restart thread in the TRT forum.