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First Cycle Test Tren Win and EQ

Hey Guys,

ive never run a cycle before but i am thinking of going test E tren Ace winny and EQ for 12 weeks. Can you recommend dosages for me and what your thoughts are on this?

You need to do your research here brother. Tren is NOT for first timers and neither is multiple compounds. Stick to Test Eth, 500/mg/week divided in 2 doses. No AI or SERMs needed at that level. However, you do need Nolva (which is SERM) for PCT.

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why no Tren? I have a high tolerance for drugs feel like i could handle it plus i do alot of meditation so my vibes are always on point. Why should i stack multiple compounds if not Tren? What about EQ and win could i handle that?

PS Im looking for SICK gains

Up your troll game, dude. This kind of thing gets boring after a while. Come in here with something original and at least get a few laughs out of people. Otherwise what’s the point?


Yeah ‘brah’ get them sick gainz… Tons of Tren and Winny is the best combo. Don’t be a puss right?

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back off iron yuppie dudes like you only live to get radical

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not tons asshole im looking for a reasonable dose at SICK results

:laughing: Ok wait…wait… so not tons, but enough for SICK results. OK got it now.

back off bro your self righteous mentality due to your astute knowledge of gear is self serving and totally bumming me out. i am not looking for a ton or a buttload i am looking for a MG/Week i was thinking 200 Test/week 200 Tren/week 400 EQ/week and 40 Win ED brah. Your outlandish claims of my stretched rear are incorrectly assumed and you lack fundamental proof to have that hypothesis

Ok I’ll edit it out… @studhammer Was already giving you solid advice. Tren is not for beginners and neither is winny. Eq is more mild but takes a long ass time to work where as tren ace works quickly. Test only is your safest way to enter this realm. If you want to YOLO it with Tren then you would want to run a low dose such as 50mg/day max with a TRT level of test since you will be shut down. It really depends on what you want for results though… Bulk? Recomp? What do you look like now? Stats?

i dont understand why i cant use tren is it some kind of infinity stone only thanos can wield without dying

It’s an aggressive compound with bad side effects both physically and neurologically. Why go for the king of anabolics when you can get great results from more mild compounds is the general consensus. Its your body. You want to say ‘screw it’ go for it my man. Just keep it reasonable and be prepared to dump the cycle when you can’t eat, sleep, and/or your pecker stops working.

im 6’1 193lbs 18% BF im looking to get shredded for the babes this summer but if my dong dont work no point in lookin like the quintessential stud muffin. What can i SHRED on looking for hard dank marblesque core and bis

You can use it if you please. One should be aware of the risks though:

ED - usually lasts about a year, sometimes two. Doesn’t seem like ED pills work very well for this condition.
Insomnia - goes away when stopping
Cardiac strain - very strong with tren
Liver and Kidney - tren is hard on both unlike most injectables, running it with winny makes it even worse
Jealousy - A perfect partner all of a sudden seems very untrustworthy
Depression - 19 nors have a large impact on dopamine, so be aware of that. This is likely related to the ED mentioned first

This is not all of the risks, but the ones I would worry about the most. It is up to you to determine if your gains are worth the price. We are adults here.

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Well stated here. If don’t want to risk ED stay away from Deca and Tren. Test Prop / Mast Prop is a good lean mass combo that’s libido friendly.

damn so dudes using tren dont be slaning no pipe? Lol next dude thats like yo im jacked on tren ima be like ok you aint fuckin. whats a good replacement for tren to get those results like i said looking to get SHREDDED dont know if i can handle clen tho not down with the jitters. I spend about an hour a day meditating so my mind frame is pretty righteous to deal with emotional side effects

have you used tren? you look like you fuck

It is a risk. Not everybody who takes tren gets it. But if you do, you can be messed up for over a year. I have never taken it, and won’t because of that. Some are on it at like 200 mg a week for 6 weeks, and have ED issues that go on for over a year.

Tren is king. You won’t find anything that will do what it does. The good is matched with the bad though.

As said before, test and mast are probably your best bet.

Nope I won’t risk it, but will take it as a compliment. I’m on TRT but run about two mild cycles a year. Mostly I just use Test and an oral or sometimes some Mast thrown in. My favorite injectables are Test and Mast and my go to orals are dbol or tbol depending on goal.