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First Cycle. Test, Tren, Tbol. Advice?

I’m preparing to run my first ever cycle and I was wanting some advice on my stack for 10 weeks. I’m thinking about running tren e test p and tbol
Is this a good beginners cycle? Should I taper up at week 4 if everything is going well? Also, should I run some on cycle support?


No its not a good cycle. Drop the tren, bump the test up, and consider saving your oral for a second cycle. This forum advocates test only for first cycles. If you must run the tbol limit it to 4-6 weeks max of the duration. No tapers. Have an AI on hand in case you need it like arimadex. Make sure you have your PCT also before you start. Nolvadex is generally preferred over clomid due to less sides.



Thanks for the advice. I have been doing a lot of research and have gotten mixed reviews for how much tren to run for first cycle. Should I bump it down to 150-200? I definitely want to make sure I have the PCT on hand before starting as well. How much of the Nolva should I take on this cycle? Why do you say not to run orals with this or cut it short rather? Thanks in advance for the advice!

Sorry I meant drop the tren as in all together. Tren is a very strong steroid that is for novices and not beginners. You will yield amazing results from test and the typical starting dose is 500mg/wk. Run it out for 12 weeks IMO rather than 10. You can see how your body reacts to the test before adding another compound. Then when you are ready for your second cycle you can add an oral for 4-6 weeks.

Great advice! So the test p at 500mg/wk for 12 weeks will get me great benefits and acclimated to gear so I can mix other things in later cycles. I’m thinking 250mg Monday and 250mg Thursday. What are your thoughts on that?

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I second blshaw’s suggestion. You never run multiple new compounds in a cycle because you have no way of knowing what’s doing what. You run a Test only cycle first and see how your body responds. Then maybe you run a Test and Dbol (or whatever) stack next and see how your body responds. The next cycle maybe you run a third compound. Get the gist? And tren’s a great way to put on muscle if you’re cool with your dick not working, possibly for a very extended length of time. Maybe it won’t happen to you but then again maybe it will. Plenty of horror stories floating around on various AAS forums about it. That’s your call though.

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I certainly appreciate the help guys! I’m going to be one of the few beginners who actually listens lol. I forgot to mention I am diabetic as well and take insulin. I have heard it will make me “blow up” quicker. Is this true? Or anything I should pay more attention to since I do take insulin daily?

I noticed you said Test P, if that’s the case you will probbaly be better off injecting every other day, not 250 Monday and Thursday like you mentioned above. If that was a mistake and you have Test E or Test C, then you are good to go.

I meant test e. Any info on the insulin affecting anything?

Not sure to be honest, never touched the stuff. I’m sure you will find out soon enough!

Unless the answer is “zero” I would posit that you haven’t been doing much quality research. Outside of the fever swamp forums you will not find anyone advocating for any tren on a first cycle.

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the only reason to taper up is if things aren’t going well, lol. if you’re getting results, and you feel good, why change things?

with all due respect, you don’t speak for ‘this forum’. That’s disingenuous and misleading to a first-time poster here. I don’t agree with you, and I’ve been a voice on here for many years longer than you have. And I don’t get to speak for the forum either.

So that being said, I do agree that he should drop the tren. There are other more mild injectables I would consider along with test for a first cycle, but tren is a different animal. I think on the injectable side, test-only is the best way to do it.

I like to use orals in every cycle I run, and because they act so fast, I think you CAN learn how your body responds to both a new oral and a new injectable in one cycle. If you run an oral for the first 4 weeks of, say, a 12 week cycle, the gains and feelings you have will be due specifically to the oral in the first 2-3 weeks, and the injectable the last 6 weeks. My first cycle was 750 test per week and 50 dbol per day.

The other benefit of running an oral at the beginning of your first cycle is that you’ll be less likely to be tempted to raise the dose without good cause. I’ve seen so many guys on here running their first cycle, of test only, raising their dose after 2-3 weeks because they don’t feel anything. If you have something in your system from day 1 that you’ll be able to feel, that will be more mentally satisfying. If you’re extremely disciplined and wouldn’t alter dose no matter what, then this isn’t such a big deal. but the temptation is surely real for many people.

yes and no. Many pro bodybuilders and strength athletes use insulin to enhance their gains, and it’s very effective. Physioljik has talked about insulin as actually being a relatively safe option if you know what you’re doing, and follow a good protocol. He prefers it over a lot of more common steroids.

to reap the benefits of exogenous insulin, you’ll have to cater your dosing to that end. If you just use it as you normally would, you probably won’t see any benefit from it.

I’m not going to get into specific dosing, because I’ve never used it, but I can tell you the main idea is getting fast-acting insulin into your system prior to training, along with a commensurate amount of glucose to stabilize you. Insulin is very anabolic, and using it around your training window can be very beneficial.

Speaking statistically from first cycle responses my friend… I personally like an oral with a test cycle but most here don’t advocate that. You don’t like my phrasing in a lot of posts. Got it.

FWIW my first cycle was also test and dbol. I thought it was a great first cycle.

Thanks for the info that was very informative! I think I’m going to run the tbol with the test and just stay true to dosage on the test. I’m thinking of tbol instead of dbol because it doesn’t aromatize and less sides and water retention with tbol. I’ll have arimadex on stand by and nolva for pct. how long can I run the tbol alongside the test? I’m thinking 60mg/ed and 500-600mg/wk for test? Or should I bump the test up a little more?

Curious, what are your tabs dosed at? Tbol has a longer half life than dbol so you don’t need to spread out your intake as much.

They are 20mg tabs

IMO one tab in the morning and one in the evening would suffice for a total for 40mg. Its half life is 16 hours so if you don’t want to split it up you prob don’t have to.

Why not 60?

Personal choice for you sir. You could try 40mg for the first 3 weeks and then bump to 60 for the last 3. Or just do what you want.

Thanks everybody! I just didn’t know if there was a reason you said 40 instead of my proposed 60. I’ll give it a shot man!!