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First Cycle: Test, Tren, Anavar. Should I Run PCT?

Hey guys, long time reader, first time poster. I figured i should join up seeing asthough iv started my first cycle and theres alot of knowledge in these forums, which could contribute.

Anyway, heres the layout

300mg of Test E E3.5 (weeks 1-14)
100mg of Tren A E.D (weeks 2-10)
50mg Anavar E.D (weeks 1-14)

My question is, should i run a PCT with this stack? Its pretty mild so iv been told, so im not too concerned, just thought id get some tips

I envision… dialated cardiomyopathy five years down the line… I’m a decent fortune teller so…

Just fucking what… regarding 700mg tren weekly being mild… HAH

Pointing it out now… this is what I mean when I say some grown men are just as bad if not worse than the 17-19 y/olds coming here looking to run cycles


If you are asking that question, you are clearly not ready to begin your cycle. What have you been reading all this while…

Lies, be it regarding PCT or compounds used

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600 test, 700 tren, 350 var a week… mild… LOL.


Tren on a first cycle…
Should I pct…

Well at least we know you did zero research. Nobody will spoon feed you. If you’re not at all interested in doing anything yourself then why would anyone else want to do it for you?


How do you know this dudes age tho? :thinking:

No need for the orals.
No need for the Tren.
Run the test.

Probably want to run it lower though. 600mg is higher than what a lot of guys run on their first cycle. 600mg won’t kill you but usually the rule of thumb is that there are diminishing returns coupled with increased sides the higher you go… With almost all AAS.

For PCT Google some of the usual PCT plans, those should work.

If you don’t want to waste gear, run the Var and test next time you cycle, if you choose to continue down this route.

Sell the Tren maybe? Or save it for when you’ve got a lot more cycles under your belt.


Cant sell the tren, iv already opened it

U dont have to spoon feed me yuppie, as a matter of fact u dont have to comment at all if you dont want to help

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What you aren’t seeing is all these people know how much you’re going to regret the shit out of doing a cycle of this magnitude starting out. There are grown men here who have been cycling for decades that won’t do Tren because of the issues it causes. It’s like watching one of those Russian kids climb to the tip of a crane on top of a sky scraper with 80 mph winds on his first climb. There’s a good chance it’s going to end bad. You can gain a shit ton of muscle and not feel like total crap, have horrible night sweats, very little sleep by just running Test at moderate doses. If you aren’t even the least bit hesitant to run Tren then you haven’t done enough research. There will be a time during this cycle where the reasoning behind all of these comments becomes apparent.


Wouldn’t recommend selling drugs, that’s a slippery slope

Throw it out… if you run this cycle without issues (I can almost guarantee you’ll have issues form a cycle of this calibre) you’ll almost certainly run into issues later on down the line

How old are you? This is incredibly reckless, short sighted and irresponsible (the cycle you’ve laid out, the fact you purchased all this without doing any research)

Routinely cycling like this… you’ll be lucky if you make it to 45 (there are exceptions/genetic anomalies), and there are also those who will say “I’ve done this for 20 years and I’m fine, what the fuck are you talking about unreal”… then they drop six months later… and there are some who are legitimately fine… but on 700mg tren + orals, very, VERY few will get out of that territory unscathed

But @iron_yuppie is right, this is the problem that exists with AAS these days. These impulsive (typically young adults) come and blatantly run massive doses of random shit without having a clue what they’re putting into their body… are surprised when their lipid profiles are shit, they develop an enlarged heart, dick doesn’t work etc… This kind of shit is worse than the teenagers/kids that come on here looking to cycle, and honestly it’s frustrating. It’d take you five minutes just to look through the forum and see what is and isn’t needed… it isn’t enough to make an informed decision regarding the risks/rewards, but it would’ve taken you five minutes… IF that… to see that you’re decision is a bad one… who the fuck runs 700mg tren barring perhaps idiots and competitive bodybuilders/those who make money off their physique… seriously… there is NO need for that much tren when it comes to a recreational gymrat… as a matter of fact you don’t need tren at all

The ideal tren horror story to tell would be weightliftingwithoutlimits, who has presumably ran into some health issues by now @weightliftingwithoutlimits… are you still alive?

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I do

Have you looked at the literature regarding the potential long term implications of your decisions? Are you okay with potentially kneeling over at 35? There’s no need to get stubborn or defensive, however you’re impulsivity “I’ll just run 700mg tren” is problematic, and threads like this frustrate me when I know there’s nothing I can do to help deter one from irreparably fucking themselves up

@Chris_Colucci sorry for tagging you, but I wanted to demonstrate here a prime example regarding what I was talking about when I said some adults are far worse than the kids that come on here.


Could you tell me what these implications are?

And then if you’re aware that such megadoses have the potential to kill fairly quickly, what’s the motive? Surely there’s something other than gains at stake here? Are you a competitor, do you work within the security industry where a more intimidating appearance equates to a safer outcome for you (less likely to get into fights/stabbed etc)

Have u ever ran tren?

No, because of the serious potential for adverse effects.

and don’t say “you can’t give advice because you haven’t used tren”… it’s irrelevant. Trenbolone isn’t commonly used BECAUSE it’s so harsh/bad for you. All AAS have serious potential to induce long term harm, but tren/winny are both on another level… If you don’t mind the prospect of permanent neurological alteration, a vastly premature death etc then go ahead. But I’m telling you… this stuff is no joke, it’s steroids on steroids…

Imagine you’ve just started driving, you don’t even have you’re full license, now the first car you’re ever going to drive is a Ferrari… I’m not saying there will be complications… I’m saying there will PROBABLY be complications

A more accurate abbreviation would be, you’ve never driven a motorcycle, now you’re getting on a Harley… There will probably be complications from the get-go and there will def be complications later on. (accident rate regarding motorcycles is 27x that of regular vehicles, avg person gets into an accident 1x ever 17 years… with these stats it isn’t “if I get into an accident” it’s “when”

That being said I’ve driven motorcycles, dirt bikes and quad bikes starting around age 7 and never ran into any problems


@trenzo that’s a little harsh don’t you think? @iron_yuppie is trying to help you. His heart is definitely in the right place.

Anyways. You’re now aware there may be health issues coupled with the fact this is probably not the most optimal approach to your first cycle, however if you’ve decided this is what you want to do, let’s try to do it as safely as possible.

If you insist on running the tren, let’s try to get your total dosage of AAS at max 500mg per week.

Here is where you need to do the research. Some users prefer running test at a trt dosage (100mg to 200mg) whilst upping the ten. If this is the route you decide then I’d do 300mg Tren and 150mg Test. No need for the oral, really no need. Scrap the Var.

Other users have reported that test needs to be run higher or at least at an equal dose to Tren. So if this is the route you choose I’d suggest 300mg Test with 150mg Tren. Here again, no need for the Var.

If possible, check blood before, during and post cycle. This will help assess the impact and these may come in handy down the line. Since you’re running Tren, along with the usual blood work you’d want to also have a look at your kidney bio markers.

I don’t think 700mg of Tren is worth the potential adverse effects. Start low and if your body tolerates AAS well you’ll have lots of time to try bigger dosed cycles. Take it easy.


Too late, he’s started… at least he will be the biggest carcass in the cemetery 25 years from now

I am still alive.

Actually quit the tren after 13 weeks, 4 days ago. Felt like I had been hit by a fucking truck towards the end. It was time to finish. By body was finally telling me: enough is enough. Liver was stressed to the hilt and people were telling me I was starting to look yellow. FUCK! I decided it was time to stop, no more for the tren. I couldent push it further without feeling like I needed to check myself into accident and emergency.

Let me tell you, Tren is fucking magic. Let me repeat: IT IS FUCKING MAGIC. If you have legit tren and you make it to 2g of tren. You will get dick skin shredded despite pounding all the carbs in the world. Don’t let anyone bullshit you on that. But never again lmao. Lean as fuck, veins over everywhere and, literally no subcutaneous fat left. But with tren, it gradually just wears you dow and down and down. You feel emotionally flat, zoned out and just fucking lethargic all the time. Despite regular naps during the day.

Test - I feel amazing. Tren, you eventually end up feeling like an 80 year old dude and one day, sides that are manageable become magnified all at once. That is tren telling you: give up now. This might happen at 8 weeks, 12 weeks. For me, it was 13.

Honestly, the reason for taking tren was simply to squeeze into a lower weight class for my upcoming meet. The problem was, I underestimated how much mass I had gained and fat I had lost. I was literally carrying too much muscle for the lower weight class. With not much fat on me, I had little room to go down. So 3 weeks before Xmas, I increased the tren dose to 2g (very risky fucking move) and went harsh on the diet. But I knew the tren would help cling to every bit of strength and muscle I had. Holy mother of god. Shredded. I couldent keep up. I felt so aweful and I could not push the diet harder. I felt 3 weeks away from a bodybuilding stage. Having little fat on me, messed with my recovery and during deadlifts I strained my right glute muscle. Totally pulled me back in terms of meet prep. My body shredded like crazy, but my recovery went to shit.

After Xmas, I decided to just ditch the tren and maintain on a higher weight class. Feel so much better now and my strength is re climbing. Glute is recovering. Back to a moderate dose of test at the moment.

I wish I took pictures because despite pounding the food, veins all over your abs was a sight. But it was holding me back in terms of powerlifting. Having such a low body fat was asking for it in terms of major injury. I needed to take a step back and realise this is me trying to be a bodybuilding competitor and not a powerlifting one. Stupid fucking move on my part.

Basically I have my meet on 4 weeks. Competing in the 90kg class. Let’s just say that Tren took my body composition to new heights. More than I could have imagined. Even on a 1000g of carbs. At 2g of tren, I was so sick of hammering carbs and shit foods just to keep me half human on tren. My body was shutting down. At the rate I was going, I was getting closer to a hospital bed rather than the meet.

Things are good now. Test has brought my sex drive back, appetite and yesterday was the first night I fully slept.

Test treats me well. Why the fuck did I decide to cut weight???

From here on out, I am just wanting to get as strong as possible. No more cutting, no more tren. Just test only with the occasional oral 4 weeks before a meet

My tren experience.