First Cycle - Test Prop

Beginning my first cycle soon.
Sitting around 245 pounds at 14%BF. 6’4. Aiming to bulk to 255 to 260 by the end of cycle.
Calories will be high - 4500 - 5000. Split into 50 pro 30 carb 20 fat.
Training is a push/pull/legs split. Using mainly compound lifts, but incorporating isolation circuits on each day.

Looking at doing 400mg test prop per week for 8 weeks with EOD injections.
Have on hand liquidex, letro, nolva and clomid.
Will only use the letro is absolutley necessary. And a combination of nolva and clomid for PCT with nolva at 40/20/20/20 and clomid at 50/50/50/50.
Previously I have done an epistane cycle, but with minimal knowledge of what to do and how to do. But managed 10pounds from 6 weeks.

My main objective was to introduce myself, gain some feedback on this cycle plan and also raise the question of liquidex use. Whether .5mg EOD is necessary on such a mild dose of test or if i’m better of waiting for sides to arise to begin its use.
Been lurking for a while and pleasure to make my first post. Look forward to some replies!